Summary: How did Habakkuk move from his ’low place’ to the high place?

Following God from the Low place to the High Place

Habakkuk 1-3

Habakkuk ministered at the same time as Jeremiah. The nation of Judah was in a downward spiral to what I describe as a ‘low place’. Habakkuk found himself in the ‘low place’ as he was wondering why God allowed certain things to happen or not to happen. Everything around him was going wrong. There was hatred and violence and it appeared to Habakkuk that God was not doing anything. There was also much personal destruction and disaster. To Habakkuk it was the question of “here we are hurting and I don’t know where you are”. How did he move from such a low place to the high place we find in Chapter 3?

1. Steps into the low place; 2 Kings 23:31-32; As we see in this passage there was a change of kings; Through the King Jehoiakim the arch enemy of Judah got a strong place in the nation.

2. Symptoms of the low place;

a. 1:1-4; discouraged

b. 5-11; distressed

c. 12-2:1 disgusted

3. Struggle in the low place 2:2-4 the struggle was how to live with such a gloomy forecast; would he live by his pride or would he live by faith: That is always going to be our struggle in our low place. Will we complain and pout out of our pride and trust in ourselves or will we trust in God? The conclusion of the struggle is found in 2; 20;

4. Stepping out of the low place; His view of God changed; there is a complete turn around from the early part of this account as to how he looked at God. What did he see this time? He saw:

a. His presence 3; 1-3

b. His power 4-7

c. His purpose 13

d. His performance 16-19

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