Summary: First in a three part study looking at seeking the purpose God has in our life.

Finding Our Purpose: Following God’s Plans…not Ours!

2 Kings 5:1-19

• Interesting things to note here are:

o God has a way of bringing people right where they need to be.

 Samaritan girl taken slave.

 Put in care of Naaman’s wife.

o We may go a lifetime until we realize why, but I feel this story exemplifies the fact that God uses situations to show his power and glory in our lives.

o “If God leads you to it, he’ll lead you through it.”

 That is the message of our bible studies over the next few weeks.

 Steve’s sermon Sunday “all thing work for the good…”

• If only (vs. 3) what an often traumatic statement.

o If only how many times have you said that perhaps in regards to something you have done…said…or left undone or said.

o If only in this passage demonstrates, at least I think, how the slave girl, and even us, don’t really understand the potential of God’s greatness in our life. (maybe she did understand it…)

o She knew where hope was for her master…

• The slave girl brought a message of hope and peace…she knew that staying put offered no hope for Naaman to be cured, his hope lie in Elisha.

• Vs. 5 why do you think he took money?

o Often people (us too) think we need to bribe God or “pay” for his favors.

Matthew 7:7-11

Luke 12:22-26

o God’s gifts are freely given to his children.

• All things happen according to God’s plan & must be done according to his plan.

o Vs.s 10-12

 Naaman is angered that he wasn’t just healed.

 Angered that he came all this way to take a dirty bath.

 It wasn’t according to his plan…what’s he start to do?

o Why do so many change the plan to fit their desire?

 Today religions preach “all inclusive” gospels as to not offend.

 We are a generation of instant gratification:

• Microwaves are powered over 1100 watts to heat food in half the time.

• Drive-through windows have spoiled us that if we must wait an extra minute we want the food free.

 We can not change the plan…it’s perfect like it is.

o Vs. 13-14 Naaman hears the voice of reason…and is made clean.

• In vs.s 15-19 Naaman wants to repay Elisha for what he has done…(read) notice Elisha’s response: vs 16 and 19

• What happens if we change the plan? What if we change it only slightly like…h,b,r,c,b and pay $50 for certificate fee?

• Notice vss. 20-25 out of greed Elisha’s servant see’s an opportunity for new clothes and quick buck. Like a parent Elisha knows Gehazi has been up to something.

• Read 26-27

God gives a very strict warning about changing the plan…read Rev. 22:18-19

God used the leprosy of Naaman to show his power over our lives…he also showed us he has a specific plan to bless us…if we change the plan and teach it we will be cursed too. (Remember James 3:1 “not all should be teachers.)

We have a great message that brings hope to the hopeless and rest for the weary…may we be like the Samaritan slave girl who was not afraid to speak up and allowed herself to be used by God as a blessing to Naaman and all those around him knew the power of God.

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