Summary: Imagine God sent us back to the beginning. Journey through time and discover the power God's love for you. Be blessed, empowered and transformed in Jesus name!

Imagine God sent us back to the beginning.

You hear God say, 'let there be light!' Instantly you see the light.

You hear God say over His creation, 'it is very good.'

You look up and see the living God in heaven. You see the Father, you see the Son and you see the Holy Spirit and the three of them are one. You physically are standing before the living God.

You realise and see that He is perfect relationship with Himself, serving each other, honouring each other. The Father giving everything of Himself to the Son, the Son giving everything of Himself to the Father, the Holy Spirit giving everything of Himself to empower the Son and complete unity, to the glory of the Father. Perfect love, of equal love.

God chose to create you because He so loves. You hear Him call you by name and tell you He created you because He loves you. You hear Him whisper again as He draws closer to you, 'I love you.'

Time passes.

He brings us to a stable, where all the smells and all the noises of the animals are there. In all the noise of all the animals you see and hear the angels sing in perfect harmony. They sing, 'Hallelujah, God is with us and with all men.' All the shepherds who are considered by the culture of the time to be common people are

gathered there.

You see three men enter, they are considered most important people, with all their riches they come. We see the rich and the poor, the great and the small bow down. They give honour and respect to a little baby. The creator of heaven and earth and all things good came as little as a little baby vulnerable and dependent on others. He made Himself of no reputation and gave up His glory and riches.

He surrendered all to be a servant for us. He chose to do this because God so loves. You start to understand God does everything out of love, because so loves. We can see the love of God as see the life of Jesus as a man.

You see Him heal the sick of physical, mental and spiritual sickness. You see Him train up leaders, casts out demons, setting the oppressed free and revealing the love of God the Father. You hear Him declare the good news that the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven has come on earth in, God with us.

You see many people gather to hear His Words. His words have light and life. He has compassion on the hungry. He is the Son of God, He could say to the rocks become bread to feed the multitude, yet He chooses to have us part of His miracle. You hold in your hand five pieces of bread and two fish that Jesus blessed and gave to you and says, 'you feed them.' You give to one, to two, to three to another and another, hundreds, thousands upon thousands are fed.

Can you imagine the excitement you feel as the fishes and bread multiply and multiply and multiply as you give out to others!

God knew how exciting it is for us to be part of His miracle. So He chose to give us an opportunity to be part of His miracle. Jesus simply blessed the food and in His power and authority as it was given out by the disciples multiplied it, each one receiving their full.The power of the living God flowed through His disciples because they chose to be part of His miracle.

Jesus never used His power for Himself or self gain. Instead He gave over His power to His disciples, to be the leaders of His Kingdom, to herald in His Kingdom on earth.

Today He gives us an opportunity to be part of His miracle, part of His wonders, to heal a dying world. For day after day, you just walk with Jesus.

Time passes.

You walk down an alley, up the stairs, open the door into a room and there is Jesus. The King of kings and Lord of lords kneels down before you. He gives you honour and respect and washes your feet as a servant. The creator of heaven and earth and all things good serves you and washes your feet.

He gets up and moves to the one over there. He knows all things, He knows that this one who is about to betray Him. Then before your very eyes He kneels down in front of the one who will betray Him and He washes his feet. He washes the betrayer's feet. The one who will spit in His eye and betray Him with a kiss.

You are thinking what love is this? Serving and washing the feet of the one who will spit in his eye and betray Him with a kiss. Your flesh cries out this is not justice. The one who causes the offence they should pay. Jesus turns and says to you, 'I love Him too. I love Him the same as I love you.'

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