Summary: We can analyze, organize, and classify the Scriptures, yet miss the primary purpose for which they were given.

We can analyze, organize, and classify the Scriptures, yet miss the primary purpose for which they were given.

The Bible is the written revelation of God’s will, and it’s intention is to acquaint us personally with the one to whom it bears witness-Jesus Christ.

I read a story about an 18-year-old boy who was interested in Scientific subjects, especially astronomy. So his father bought him a very expensive telescope.

Since the young fellow had also studied optics, he found the instrument to be most intriguing. He took it apart, examined the lenses, and made detailed calculations on the distance of its point of focus.

He became absorbed in gaining a technical knowledge of the telescope itself that he never got around to looking at the stars. He knew a lot about that fine instrument, but he missed seeing the wonders of the heavens.

Maybe someone is saying, I see what you are getting at. Ah, but don’t forget, we need to study and learn the Bible. And I say ...Yes, we do!

And I m not suggesting for a moment that an accurate and careful study of the Bible is unnecessary. Reading the Word without considering to whom it was written and just what is being said can lead to a wrong interpretation. However, to know all figures contained in the Bible is not the end for which God has given us this Book.

The needle on a compass and the arrow of a weather vane have something in common. Both indicate the direction of natural powers. In a much broader sense, the books and writers of the Bible point to the per-son and power of Jesus. Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega of the Bible. He is the constant theme of its pages.

This is what Jesus was saying to the religious leaders in John chapter 5 verse 39 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

“You search the Scriptures.” He’s making a statement; He is not urging them to do something. He tells them that they search the Scriptures thinking that in them they will find eternal life, but they don’t un-derstand that the Scriptures testify of Jesus. Folks , you had better be careful so that you find Jesus in the Bible. If you don’t, then your search is in vain.

To please God we need to fix our attention on Jesus. If we do not fix our attention on Jesus our emphas-es will be on self seeking and human praise. When we are self seeking and looking to man for our sup-port and approval we will miss the support and leadership that comes from God.

Love in Christ Jesus, Ronnie Miller

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