Summary: This sermon shows how God allows believers to suffer and prosper so that he can recieve glory out of every area of their lives. He does it for his name’s sake because he has a reputation to uphold.

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For His Name’s Sake

It’s Not About You

Jeremiah 29: 10-14

I Sam. 12: 22


• letter from Jeremiah the prophet to the Jews when king Neb. had taken captive from Jerusalem into Babylon

• Jerusalem = city of peace Babylon = confusion of tongue

• Were told to get married, build houses, find jobs, have kids, and grandkids – gone be there for a while = 70 yrs.

• Make the best of it – I know false prophets are telling you otherwise, but….they’re lying

• Then after 70 yrs (10=gov’t, discipline, 7=day of rest, completion, perfection, maturity)

Jeremiah 29:10-14

• Turn away your captivity (imprisonment)– I’m going to show you how powerful I am when it comes to releasing my people from punishment. When Job’s fortunes were restored, he was said to have been freed from captivity.

• Gather from all the nations – all people - those that have hurt you, tricked, used, lied on, back-stabbed, talked down, counted you out, laughed at, stepped on and over, won’t stop bringing up your past, hoped you’d fail, betrayed your trust

• All the places – (directions/situations) – dark places, cold, lonely, confused, uncomfortable, dull, stagnant, lazy, comfortable, sinking, hard, filthy, low, down, and out

• Driven – Jesus driven to wilderness (Mark 1:12)

• Drove you out so I could bring you back in

• put you in place to need miracle>perform

• made way hard to see>trust

• did it to get glory---FHNS

• I Sam.12:22

Protect you name

• name signifies reputation and character, so always protect it

• want others to say or think good things when hear your name – ever mention a name then they say “…umph” – somewhere down the line they or somebody messed up (tainted/stained) their name

• don’t let other people mess up you name – if Brod. recommends someone for a job, and they get there and slacking, not good for his name – “don’t hire nobody else he sends”

• a person’s name is so influential, on a job interview just the mention of the right name can get you the job---or Not!

• As members of this body of Christ, must be careful how we act in community (Ice club, hell, sleight, snow) cause people say, “don’t they go to NLC”? =mess up church’s /Pastor’s name

• I am careful, people know me and I don’t know them – protect Brod’s name – “Brod’s wife?”, not even knowing my name = t-shirt

• if have kids, make them protect it too (don’t be begging or acting up at school or with other people) because parents get talked about, not the kids – “them McGee Kids”

• on flipped side, we do/buy stuff for kids for our name’s sake – comb hair, barber, iron

• sounds like God

For His name’s sake

• ain’t been all good…Ezek. 36: 22-30

• I already know you gone start tripping, but I’ll turn away captivity FMNS

• thought you made all right choices and never been in any trouble or jail--->path of righteousness FHNS Ps. 23:3

• baler, letters behind/in front of name, drive comp. car, times don’t know whether going or coming--- >lead and guide Ps. 31:3

• iniquities=inabil to produce desired results, didn’t even have skills/exper. To do the job --->pardon your iniquities FHNS Ps. 25:11

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