Summary: Satan questions why Job fears God and worships Him? Today we ask ourselves why we worship God.

Introductory Considerations

1. He was one of the most powerful yet generous people I have ever known. He ran a very successful company and freely gave out hundreds of thousands of dollars. He had a large family and there always seemed to be business associates and friends at his home.

2. People sought his advise and he was always invited to be part of the action. His life was full and he sought to be and appeared to be a man of God. He seemed to have it all. And yet, as he told me when we were alone one day - he felt very lonely. Sure there were many people around him and many who seemed to be his friends.

3. But somehow, perhaps through some bad experiences, he felt they did not really care about him. What they really cared about was his money. They cared more about what he could do to help them than they cared about him. And to be honest, there were those around him for just that very reason.

4. He wondered how many friends he would have if he had no more to give.

5. The sad part was that he never found out. Partly because he died and partly because he kept giving for fear that if he did not, his friends would no longer be there and he would be alone

6. There was much truth in what he felt.

7. Isn’t that the way people are. People loses their health or their ability to help others, and how many people still come to visit them. It was fun to do things together but now all a visitor can do is listen to confusion. eg. Person with alzheimers - not fun or easy to visit.

8. A sports star is at the peak of his career and reporters and fans cannot get enough of him. Later, when his age has taken its toll on his game- he is a has-been and he sits unnoticed in a corner of the dressing room.

9. This is fact of life - people associate with those who can give them something - even if it is just friendship.

10. It is this that is dealt with in the book of Job. The question of why Job is righteous, why he fears and worships God

11. And it is that question I put before you this evening - why do you worship God and follow Him. Why have you put your trust in Christ?


1. In a way Job reminds me of my friend. Job was wealthy and had a large family. Both feared God and sought to live for God in a righteous manner.

2. Job was the kind of person that brought glory to God. One who brought praise and honour to Him.

3. Satan has been roaming the earth. Although we are not told, I wonder if Satan might have had an evil smile when he said this: "I’ve been roaming the earth and you know God, those people you have created are not really worshiping you with their lives." "They are so busy sinning and doing what they want, that they have little thought for you" "Instead they are worshiping themselves, their possessions, and soon they will worship me."

4. But, as God points out, there is one who is faithful. (Job 1:8)

5. But Satan, who hates to see God get glory, challenges God. He suggests that the only reason why Job fears God is because God has blessed Him so richly. Take away the blessings, and Job would curse God.

6. In other words, the only reason why Job worships God is because of what he gets out of it

7. At this point, we might have thought that God could have said "I don’t need to prove my sincerity to you or anyone else. I know Job and you are way out in what you think." It would have been a lot easier for Job if that is how God would have handled the challenge.

8. But instead he suggests a test to prove that Job’s faith. Why does God do this? Answer found in John 9:1-3. The purpose of our lives, the purpose of even our suffering is ultimately for one thing - to bring glory to God.

9. It is one thing to tell Satan that he is wrong, it would be quite another to let all of heaven witness visibly God’s victory over Satan in this matter.

10. As we know story, Job passes the test - Job 1:21-22. He acknowledges that God is giver and taker of all things, he praise God and continues to be righteous.

11. But Satan does not give up this easily. And he suggest an even tougher test. It is one thing to lose you possessions, but quite another to have your very body inflicted (Job 2:4-5)

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