Summary: A Labor Day message

"For Your Camels Also"

Genesis 24:1-67

1) As Christians, we should not live our lives by the measuring rod.

*either the long end or the short end.*

Mt. 5:39-41 Luke. 16:10

2) The second mile comes after a good job on the first mile.

*the death of Christ means nothing if it were not for His life*

3) Give more than is expected and you will receive more than you expected to receive.

Luke 6:38

Are there camels to be watered

at your home?

at your job?

at your churcht?

in your speech?

in your neighborhood?

All of these principles are pulled easily from the passage. Rebekah did not live her life by must what she had to do(the mesuring rod) She went over and above what was expected of her. Lets not live our life by doing only what is expected.

Rebekah did what was expected and she did it well. She was then able to go the second mile. Lets do the routine things well. People are watching us and see how we do the everyday run of the mill stuff as much as they are watching anything else.

Rebekah did more than she had to and then she received more than she expected to. that’s a biblical prinicple that is easily traced throughout the Bible.

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