Summary: It has been said, “It takes a village to raise a child”…But this is not true

“Forget the Village; Just Give Me a Godly Mother”

II Timothy 1:3-5

OPENING JOKE: “150 a Week to Talk about Mom” Three ladies were exercising pride in their grown sons. The first lady told of the extravagant birthday parties her son provided her. “Why he even hired a full band for my last birthday.” The second lady bragged about how her son gave such lavish vacations. “Just last month he sent me to Hawaii for the fourth time.” The third woman was not to be outdone and she piped up, “That’s nothing. My son has been paying a psychiatrist $150 a week for the last three years just so he can talk about me.”

INTRODUCTION: Happy Mother’s Day! Welcome to all of the mothers and grandmothers on this, your special day!

It has been said, “It takes a village to raise a child”…But this is not true

The truth is, it takes godly parents to raise a child

• Today, more than ever in history, people other than parents are raising their children

• Because of the cost of living and the amount of low paying jobs it has become almost impossible for a family to survive without both parents being at work full time

• Because of this, most parents are forced to start their children in daycare almost from birth

The result is that the village (or society) is raising the children, rather than parents

Someone might say, “Well what is the harm in that?”

The danger is what our children are being taught by the village:

They are being taught

a. Relativism in morality

i. This basically means that your version of ‘right’ is fine for you, but it shouldn’t effect my version of what’s ‘right’ for me

ii. They say things like, “There is no truth”, or “Truth is relative to what you believe”

iii. The motto from the sixties is still going strong, “If it feels good, do it!”

iv. Illustration: “High School Drug Use” When I was working at First Coast I caught many young people with drugs. I also dealt with many children who were totally disrespectful and cursed out their teachers and classmates almost daily.

1. I would ask, “Do you know that what you are doing is wrong?”

2. They would say, “It may be wrong for you, but it is right for me!”

v. This is really the most dangerous problem facing our next generation of kids today

vi. The idea that there is no absolute ‘right and wrong’

b. Humanism in Education

i. Humanism teaches that man is not special and is not made in the image of God.

ii. We simply a complex form of matter

iii. God doesn’t exist, and if anything, we are gods

iv. And this is being taught even at very young ages

1. In grade school kids are taught that they are nothing but glorified apes

2. And then we wonder why they act like it!

v. Illustration: “MOSH” At every science museum you go to you will see the picture of the evolutionary chart. Man ascending from ape-man, ape-man ascending from smaller apelike man. And so on…

1. As a child I never thought to even question this

2. Then I began as a young adult studying God’s Word and creation and I learned most of what is said about our origins is theory, not fact

3. And these theories do not align with God’s Word

4. And God’s Word assures me that I am not just a gloried monkey, but a person CREATED in the IMAGE OF GOD!

vi. But this is not what’s being taught in the ‘village’

c. Heathenism by society

i. Quote: You need not go very far to see outright sinful behavior oozing out of the cracks of our society today

ii. Sexual sin, perversion, abortion, greed and lust are way more common than proper behavior, manners, ethics or morality

iii. Our society glorifies sin

1. If you don’t believe me just watch television

2. In times past television shows were forbidden to show husband and wife characters sleeping in the same bed

3. Now almost full nudity is not uncommon in afternoon television when kids spend most of their time watching

iv. We live in a society like Jeremiah spoke of in his book – a society that “does not know how to blush”

So, with these things in mind, is it really best that the ‘village’ raise the children? No

Of course Daycare centers are going to be necessary, and the cost of living is not going down anytime soon

But this does not take away from the responsibility of parental influence, involvement and correction in the life of their children

What is needed is godly mothers and fathers who will stand and say, “This is right, that is not – and not because I believe it, but because the Bible says it!”

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