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Summary: Do you ever contend for one who has fallen into sin? or in the wrong in a particular situation? What do we do with brothers and sisters who fall into sin? We should be there to pick them up, help dust them off and encourage them with the love of Christ th


Date Written: October 29, 2011

Date Preached: October 30, 2011

Church: OPBC (AM)


Series: From the Pen of Paul

Title: Forgiveness…a Way of Life!

Text: Philemon 10-21


What do YOU do when a friend is sinful and falls in their Christian walk? What if they slip in their witness and do something they should NOT do? What do you do? Do you drop them? Do you write them off as hopeless? Do you say things like, “Well, that really doesn’t surprise me about them …because I know how they are!”

How many of us are guilty of just that… writing people off and jumping to conclusions when they do stumble in their lives? I know I am as guilty as anyone about this, and I am constantly on my knees seeking forgiveness for my heart and attitude in this area!

However, when this happens, what the believer SHOULD be saying is this, “Guilty or NOT, if he or she ever needed a friend… the time is NOW! He or she needs to be supported NOT stepped on… they need to know that someone cares for them!”

SO this morning, let me ask you a question, “Have you EVER been there for a friend who is down… who really does not deserve your friendship or help?”

Well when we read this passage we can see that this is exactly where Paul was when he wrote this letter to Philemon… Philemon was his friend in the city of Colossae and Paul knew that Onesimus had been in the wrong, but Paul also knew that he needed a friend and needed encouragement at this particular time, so he writes this letter for him!

Here Paul was writing to Philemon and pleading the case for Onesimus, and what we can learn from this and what we need to take away from this message this morning is that this is what ALL believers are called to do…how they are called to live…

This is what we MUST do when we find ourselves in this situation where we find a friend who has fallen… we should be there to… first pick them up and… 2nd go to bat for them.

But preacher WHY should we do this? Is it because they deserve it? Absolutely NOT! There is no one who deserves encouragement and support when we sin… but we are still called to do it!

Preacher should we do it because it will help them to like us more when we go to bat for them? Again the answer is NO! This is not done because they are your buddy or that you want them to be your buddy or friend…

I look at this passage and I can safely say that WE should go to those who have fallen in sin, and we should be there to encourage and lift them up simply because it is the RIGHT thing to do!

How do I know that it is the RIGHT thing to do? Well what I know is that this is exactly what Jesus did for ME, when I was a fallen and lost sinner! We have a great example in Jesus Christ! Jesus went to bat for us… when we did not deserve it… and NOT just so we would like Him better… but because it was the right thing to do… and because of His great love for us.

This morning I want you to hear God’s Word and the message God has given me, and I pray that you will apply these things in your life as He leads you through His word! READ PASSAGE HERE – PHILEMON 10-21

First, let’s look at a bit of background on this passage of Scripture this evening to help you to fully comprehend the scope of what Paul was dealing with when he wrote this letter to Philemon.

The letter of Paul to Philemon was written as a letter to a personal friend. Paul is the author of this letter and we know that he wrote the letter from his prison cell… during his first imprisonment. Some believe it was in Rome, others believe he was in prison in Caesarea Philippi. It is not really known where he was, only that he was in prison, however, WHERE he was when he wrote the letter is not as important as to what Paul was writing about and to whom the letter was directed!

Thru study of Scripture we also know that Paul wrote this letter at the same time he was wrote the letter to the church at Colossae. We also know that Paul asked a Christian brother named Tychicus to carry both letters to their intended destinations. (See Col 4:17)

Today, I want us to look at the facts involved in this situation…This morning, I want us to look at the forgiveness being sought in this situation…and finally this morning, I want us to look at the great faith that is expressed all throughout the entire situation…

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