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MARK 11:24-26



Let me begin by turning our attention to the consequences of refusing to let go of offenses: First of all Jesus meant what he said :IF YOU DO NOT FORGIVE NEITHER WILL YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN FORGIVE YOUR TRESPASSES.

We live in a culture where we don’t always mean what we say. consequently we do not believe others mean what they say to us. A PERSON WORD IS NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY. this begins in childhood. (expoud) A parent tells a child "if you do this again you’ll get a spanking." Not only does the child do it again but several more times after that. Following each time the same warning is given, but no corrective action is taken. And if taken it is not what was said.

This respose sends a message to the child that you don’t mean what you say or what you say is not true. so the child learns to think that not everything authority figures say is true. so he then become confused about when and if he should take seriously what he hears.

This attitude is projected onto other areas of his life. He views his teachers friends leaders through this same frame of references. By the time he becomes an adult he has accepted this pattern as normal.

But when Jesus spake when he says something, he means it. And we would be wise to listen and obey.

In this text Jesus is teaching that when you pray you shall receive what ever thing you ask, if you believe (believe in god) BY faith then he states that if you have anything against anyone when you pray forgive.

If you have been offended by comeone, and you have not forgiven them your prayers will be hindered by your unforgiveness, and god will not forgive your trespasses. JUST BY HOLDING A GRUDGE, JUST REFUSING TO LET GO BECAUSE THE HURT WAS SO BAD. Will stop the flow of blessings that the father would grant you, and also keep your trespasses from being forgiven.

Forgiveness is a two way street, regardless of the hurt.

If you don’t give you don’y get.

I wonder how many christians would want God to forgives them in the same way they have forgiven those who have offended them?

Our churches are being held back stagnant and sometimes torn apart by offenses. Hurt people, hurting other people,a;; in the name of christanity.

forgiveness is linked to spiritual growth.

You can measure your growth as a christian by your forgiving spirit. Regardless of the circumstances for spiritual growth you got to be like or better than timex...YOU MAY TAKE A LICKING BUT YOU MUST KEEP ON TICKING.

God just maybe grooming you for bigger and better things.


In Matt. 18: Jesus put more light on the bonfage of unforgiveness and offense. He was teaching the disciples how to be reconciled with a brother who had offended them.

Peter asked :"lord how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him. (seven times 18:21). Peter throught he was being generous. But he received a shocking reply. Jesus blew away what he throught was generous. NO, NO, NOT SEVEN TIMES, BUT I SAY TO YOU SEVENTY TIME SEVEN (490).

In other words forgive as God does, without limits.

Jesus not only taught but he lived it.

How I know? well when he was hanging on the cross at calvary Luke recorded (23:34) FATHER FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO.


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Luke Everett

commented on Apr 5, 2008

A good and to the point message.

Andrew Papson Iii

commented on Jul 21, 2009

What you give you get. Respect on both sides very good message.

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