Summary: What does it mean to forsake all? What does it mean to follow Him? What keeps us today from doing what the disciples did?

In the preceding verses we see the miracle of fish. It wasn’t really a miracle at all. To Jesus it was the norm. He created the water for the fish, He created the fish for man, and He taught man how to catch the fish. He was just doing it at a more rapid pace. Just like when He quieted the storm. It wasn’t a miracle! Who is it that quiets every storm? It wasn’t a miracle to turn water to wine! How is wine made? However, the miracle was in the timing. Timing is a barrier that Jesus isn’t to familiar with. It was day, fishing is done at night. Jesus gives His command, (4). Peter replies (5) we have toiled. That word means to work until there is no more energy. Beyond exhaustion. Hear him say, “But Jesus, we have worked all night long. We are so tired. And to make matters worse, we caught nothing. I have not the energy to mend my nets. If it wasn’t for the responsibility of using them again tonight, I would be home asleep. The only thing driving me to mend these nets is the fact that if I don’t my business will perish, and my family will go hungry. But nevertheless, at your word I will do what you ask.” Ever been there?

If this wasn’t a miracle to Jesus, why didn’t He just tell the fish to jump in the boat? No doubt that Jesus had been teaching about the coming Messiah. He wanted to see if Peter believed. You see there is this word called faith that is very important in the vocabulary of God. Look at what happens, (6) “when they had done this”. After they responded Christ blessed. God blesses us in our faith. Then the bible teaches us that "11So when they had brought their boats to land, they forsook all and followed Him."

1. What does it mean to forsake all? In order for the disciples to be a blessing to their family, friends and in their finances, they had to turn away from them and to Christ. After spending time with Christ they could return and be the blessing God wanted them to be. But not until they had spent time with Christ. You see, Jesus said you can’t have two masters for you will love the one and hate the other. (Luke 16:13) We should take His words literally and seriously.

They forsook their:

a. Families and friends. Matthew 10:34-38. It is very simple to God. Whatever separates

you from Him, what ever comes between you and God, God hates. He will not tolerate it. So if your love for someone else is greater than your love for God, He does something about it. What God wants is simple. You spend time with Him, and He will love through you with love unthinkable to the ones you love. (i.e. Abraham) When the disciples returned from their three year adventure with Christ, can you imagine the difference they were to their family and friends. The purest love was extended from their Holy Spirit filled bodies! The discipline they had learned was now applied to their relationships with their loved ones. What a blessing they must have been. What a blessing they would have missed if they hadn’t followed Him.

b. Finances. Jesus says “You cannot serve God and mammon.” 1 Tim. 6:10 says, “For the

love of money is the root of all kinds of evil…” Notice it doesn’t say money is evil. To love money is evil. There is that word love again. To put anything between God and us is evil. It’s not evil to have money. As a matter of fact, God will bless us with money when we know how to use it. That is not saying that everyone who has it knows how to use it. But when we His Saints learn to keep money in perspective, He blesses us. (i.e. Joseph, Abraham, Job) We also forget that God has promised to provide all that we need. Why would He provide something evil? He wouldn’t! So money isn’t evil, but the love for it is!

Think how much freedom in this area of their lives these men had after returning from their journey with Christ. After returning from Christ, our business becomes a blessing to us, our families, and others. Our finances are seen as a means to perform miracles in others eyes. Jesus turned them from fishermen to fishers of men. He can do the same for us.

c. lives. Matthew 10:39

2. What does it mean to follow Him? Following Him through out the bible simply means to show with our faith that we make Him number One in our lives. Sometimes we have to do without certain things for a while. (i.e. fasting) Very rarely does God take things away permanently. He wants to transform us into blessings in our world. After transforming us, He sends us back into our world to transform it. He calls it “the salt, and the light”. He has given us the ability to change, impact our world. After the disciples had forsaken all and followed the One God blessed them by transforming them to where they could:

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