3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Ruth Finds happiness by working and obeying God

RUTH 2:1-3




A. Fortune.

B. Famous.

C. Forlorn.


A. Fervor.

B. Fearless.

C. Favor.


A. Finding.

B. Foreordained.

C. Future.

INTRODUCTION: Once settled in Bethlehem, the two women, Naomi and Ruth, have to support themselves in some manner. It is interesting to look at these three verses for things not stated. Ruth-obviously the younger, picks up the slack of making a living for the two while Naomi must be too old to venture forth and seek a living. Time has done its duty to these two women and the dire need of earning a living now falls upon the only one who can be gainfully employed: Ruth.

We can also infer in these verses that there must not have been any type of social support for people in the situation in which these two women now exist. One other thing we can infer is that these women must be living in some type of an enclosure, a house or maybe even a tent, and the semblance of a home structured living is now taking shape. Perhaps the women were recipients of others’ generosity upon their arrival, but now it was time to fend for themselves. These things are not stated in the text but they do set the stage for that which is about to unfold.

There might be one more implied note from these verses and that is Ruth has been able to learn the Jewish language sufficiently to feel confident enough to seek work in Bethlehem. While in Moab, she did learn much of the Jewish language from Naomi and her in-laws, but now this aspect of vocalization takes on a more serious tone-life and death-bread winning work or starvation. With all of these things, Ruth rises to the situation and begins her role of breadwinner for the two. Unbeknown to her and to Naomi is the fact that this FORTUNATE FOREIGNER FINDS her FUTURE FULFILLMENT when she goes to work earning a living.

In these three verses, I see where the FAMILY of Naomi, Boaz in particular, enters the picture for the betterment of all concerned. I also note the FOREIGNER, Ruth of Moab, who makes an ideal daughter-in-law and begins to work in a man’s field, not realizing that God directed her to work in this particular field. Then, I see how FORTUITOUS Ruth’s work was for all of the personages in these verses. Naomi might have thought differently, but God was at work behind the scenes in her life as well as in the lives of Ruth and Boaz. May we remember that God is still at work in the lives of those who love and serve Him-even when it looks differently.

I. FAMILY: The first thing I note about this verse is Boaz. He is introduced to us here for the first time, but it will not be the last. We are introduced to him because he will eventually play a critical role in the lives of Ruth, Naomi, King David and then Christ, Himself.

As I study the Scriptures, I cannot help but notice that this man is a Man of Fortune. We get this picture of him as the book unfolds, and now we see where he owns a field where he has to hire workers and where eventually Ruth comes to work.

Not only is this man a man of means, but also as being such, he is a Famous man. Usually fortune brings fame and notoriety and in this instance-it is no different. He is well known in the community as we see later in the book of Ruth, and for now, he is well known because he is mentioned as being related to Naomi’s former husband. He is well known.

Lastly, I see where this Famous man of Fortune was Forlorn-he was not married. He had wealth and fame, but he had no family. Regardless of the money and the stature he enjoyed in this community, he had to go home alone every night and he had no one to carry on his name. Money does not buy everything.

Thus, we come to the end of the first verse of chapter two where we meet Boaz for the first time. He was rich, famous and alone. The latter part of his life was due to undergo a transformation very quickly as we look at verse two in this same chapter.

II. FOREIGNER: The next thing I notice concerning these verses is that it highlights a Moabite who is now living in Israel.

Regarding Ruth, I have to say that this foreign woman has a great Fervor for work and for helping the family.

Evidently, Naomi is now at the age where she cannot work as she used to do and if there is going to be food on the table it is up to Ruth to supply the means to gain the food. From what I read in the Bible, Ruth seemed to be anxious to work and do her part to help. She serves as a role model for all members of a family who need each other to make a living for the unit. She was ready and willing to venture forth to try to seek work. She was not slack; she seemed to relish the task of helping Naomi and herself. She had great Fervor for work.

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