Summary: God knows everything you do; He hears everything you say; and He sees exactly where you are. So stop making excuses and move forward in your faith.

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As always, we start with a question:

What do you do, who do you know, or where do you go, that you know in your heart you shouldn’t do, know, or go?

Let me remind you of something:

It does not matter where you go, or in some people’s lives, where they try and hide.

God is still with you.

He knows everything you do; He hears everything you say; and He sees exactly where you are.

Jesus wants you to be His disciple,

God wants you to move forward in your faith,

but perhaps in order for you to move forward, really move forward, it’s time for you to leave behind whatever it is that is holding you back.

Tonight is our communion service, when we remember the sacrifice of Jesus on your behalf...

Is there something you need to sacrifice for Him?

Is there something you need to sacrifice for to draw closer to Him?

Is there something you need to sacrifice to move forward in your faith?

The sacrifice, or the cost, of being a follower of Jesus, is that you have to be willing to turn your back on certain things of this world.

What things am I talking about?

Anything in your life that keeps you from being fully devoted to Christ needs to be sacrificed.

So, What do you do, who do you know, or where do you go that you know in your heart you shouldn’t do, know, or go?

Could it be that you are in a situation that you should not be taking part in as a Christian?

Maybe its something else...

Perhaps you just don’t find going to church interesting enough anymore,

Perhaps you need to rest on a Sundays because you have been so busy all week long.

And God knows your heart... Yes, He knows your heart maybe better than you know it yourself.

Are you allowing Satan to steer you away from moving forward in your faith?

Jesus wants you to be a faithful follower, and He expects you to take the responsibilities of being a disciple seriously.

I wonder how willing we are to do it His way. ====

What are you willing to Sacrifice for Jesus?

I’m asking you to make a choice, a real choice.

Not just good intentions, not just thinking about it.

Actually doing it!

Is Jesus close enough to the center of your heart, that you love Him enough to really take a step forward, do you care enough about the Lord to leave stuff behind and move forward?

Are you willing to place God as the main focus of your heart, your mind, your life?

Peter walked on the water, yet when he took his focus off Jesus, he began to sink.

Remember Jesus didn’t immediately reach out and save Peter. Peter had to ask for help first, and as soon as He did, he received it.

Sometimes, stuff in our lives can seem so huge,

we want situations to change, we don’t know what to do.

So often, we focus on the problem and forget the bigger picture.

That big picture shows us that God IS in control, even when we don’t know what to do.

We are His children.

God has promised to protect us and heal us.

All we have to do is turn to God, to trust Him, He will direct our steps.

Throughout the Bible, God promises us over and over again that if we go to Him, He will come to us.

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. His promises are unchanging.

His truth remains unchanged.

God continues to help those who rely on Him just as He has promised.

If your focus is not on God, then what are you focussing on?

For many people in this world,

their focus is themselves,

their comfort, their career, their family,

their hobbies, their wants, their needs,

their desires, their agenda, their time, their happiness.

And even those who say they “love God”,

people who call themselves Christians,

can often be just as guilty of focussing on everything except God.

Instead of putting God first, God has last place after Me, Myself and I.

Something simple like prayer, they pray when they want something and never thank God for what they already have.

The focus is on them not God.

Or Something simple like going to Church,

some people will only go to church when it suits them,

if it fits into everything else they have planned,

if they are not too tired after being out till stupid o’clock on a Saturday Night,

if there isn’t a boot sale or BBQ they “so NEED” to go to in the morning.

Hold on ...

The church has TWO services on a Sunday... morning AND evening...

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