Summary: Cut out 4 crosses of paper use different colors use one with each point. Use red for Jesus. take 1 cross for each point.

Cross # 1 the unbeliver Luke 23:39


(1) Thief with doubt

(2) Made lite of Jesus

(3) Would not except

(4) Satan still had a hold on him even as he death was up on him.


Cross #2 The believer Luke 23:40

(1)He knew who Christ was

(2)He openly confessed his sins

(3)He ask for help

(4) Jesus saved him on the spot.


Cross #3 Cross of CHRIST Luke 23:33 Phil:2:8-10

(1)Blood for our atonment

(2)Love for all man kind

(3)Salvation for all


Cross #4 your cross Matt:10-38 Gal:5-11 Mark8-34

(1) Where is your cross

(2) many have left it on the road side

(3) Many have lay it down for money are fame

(4) Many have know Idea where it is

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