Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon examines the kind of church members we are...what kind are we tired, tiresome, retired, tireless...? Check out!

This is just an insight for anyone who considers being part of a church & calling themselves as church members. Don’t stop go on and read-you might be one in the category I describe - for the first time church goers or followers of Christ were called as Christians at Antioch Acts11:26 since then I am sure there are organized forms of fellowship and it began to be called as Church and whoever was part of it were called as Church members or believers.

The first kind is called the TIRED church members Matthew19:22, a young man came to Jesus wanted to be part of the movement, said he had followed all the commandments but questioned on his giving up on the treasure he failed and the bible tells us he went away sad. Though he followed the law he failed to experience the personal assurance of God and therefore he was tired of God. He could not trust God without his money. What about are you TIRED too?

The second kind is TIRESOME church members Acts18:8, the annoying or irritating character, Simon the sorcerer believed and also was baptized but he was not excited about God rather about the miracles and he began following Philip and wanted to buy the gift of healing and the like-even today some of us are like Simon trying to find short cuts. Are we TIRESOME to the church and its events?

The third type is RETIRED church members Acts5:1, an amazing couple who got excited about what Barnabas did and wanted to do the same, they were not convinced to do it rather they wanted to show off, little did they know that the money was theirs before and after, funny they gave up for no reason, many times we are upset with God for our own funny mentality. Do we remain RETIRED all through our potential life?

Lastly it is TIRELESS church members Acts15:39, a phenomenal personality Barnabas who introduced Paul to the apostles and considered him as a man worth to pioneer the church in Antioch along with him but when you read this portion in the Bible, it tells us they had a sharp disagreement and parted company, the dispute was over Mark who ditched them on the previous mission trip. But Barnabas did not give up on Mark and continued, if it was not for him no Mark’ gospel, he proved to be tireless. Never give up on someone God has entrusted to you, would you still remain TIRELESS despite of disagreements and disputes?

With a prayerful heart let us examine what kind of church member we are?

Are we faithful to the commitment we have made cause it is God who instituted the church and the ordinances of it?

May God bless you as you take time to examine.

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