Summary: This is an outline provides useful lessons for crossing the Jordans of the Christian life.

“Four Lessons Learned in the Crossing of Jordan”

Joshua 3:1-17

Dr. Steven G. Cook

I. Introduction

A. Read Text

B. There are many Jordans that must be crossed in our lives.

C. We must first decide what to do with Christ – Accept or Reject

D. After salvation, there are many more Jordans to cross – discipleship, ministry, etc.

E. The believer must learn to step out in faith to cross Jordans in order to grow!

F. The Crossing of Jordan illustrates this Faith, Trust, and Dependence upon the Lord.

G. Just like Israel, when we cross Jordans, our faith and our fellowship with God grows.

H. Sadly, we are accustomed to looking at such crossings in a negative light rather than a positive light.

I. We prefer to murmur, complain, and remain in the wilderness!

J. The Israelites had been here before, but they failed miserably, and the Word of God reveals in Hebrews 3 that their carcasses fell in the wilderness.

K. This means that they were dead BEFORE they fell!

L. They considered the “crossing of Jordan” too risky!

M. They decided it would be better to return to Egypt, slavery, leaks and garlic, rather than attempt anything for God!

N. They preferred things as they always had been – Keep things just the way they are!

O. This sounds like a lot of churches I know! Complacency will choke the life out of a church!

P. Just like Israel, churches who are not willing to attempt great things will never know the joy and blessings of Crossing a Jordan!

Q. Let us examine this passage in Joshua and let us see 4 Lessons Learned in the Crossing of Jordan.

II. The People Are Sanctified (Josh. 3:1-5)

A. People need to be sensitive to God’s leading in order to cross.

B. Notice – The key word (ARK) is used 10 times in this passage.

C. The ARK was kept in view by the Israelites at all times.

D. In a similar way, the Word of God ought to be kept in our view.

E. God always goes BEFORE US and OPENS the way, directing our paths.

F. We must learn to lean on His strong arm, seek His will, wait on His timing, and allow Him to direct our paths if we will cross Jordans.

G. Sanctification means to “set apart” – It is a 3-fold process (2 Cor. 1:10). Past, Present, Future

H. Explain – Positional, Progressive, Prophetic Sanctification

I. As we grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord, we are not afraid of “new ways” to enter.

III. Leadership Is Authorized (Josh. 3:6-8)

A. Not only must the people be sanctified, like Joshua, leadership must be authorized.

B. It is important that a church body have confidence in leadership.

C. Israel would never have crossed Jordan IF they had not believed in the divine authorization of Joshua to lead them.

D. Churches who have no confidence in their pastor ought to find a new one.

E. Like an athletic team whose players do not exercise confidence in their coach, no local assembly of believers will prosper without confidence in their pastor, deacons, youth leaders, etc.

F. How can you know whether or not a leader is divinely authorized?

G. Characteristics of Leadership –

1. Consecrated

2. Dedicated

3. Saturated

H. Notice how that God worked closely with Joshua – God spoke to him personally.

I. We find the same thing in Revelations 1-3.

J. God always raises up a man to lead others.

IV. The Lord Is Glorified (Joshua 3:9-13)

A. Just as God glorified Himself in the Red Sea, He is glorified when we as believers are willing to cross over Jordan!

B. God loves to prove Himself to us over and over again!!

C. Just as surely as He saved us from our sin, He is able to deliver us from the circumstances of life.

D. We can trust Him as the edges of our Jordans as surely as Israel trusted Him at the edge of the Red Sea!

E. Contrast Salvation & Victorious Christian Living.

F. We are exhorted to WALK by Faith just as we began our journey By Faith.

G. He is still able to hold back the floods of life.

V. The Word of God Is Verified (Joshua 3:14-17)

A. Every time we cross the Jordans of our lives, we grow in grace and trust Him more.

B. Read - Romans 5:3-5

C. How often has God proven Himself and His Word in YOUR life?

D. Prov. 3:5-6 – “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart…..”

E. Isa. 26:3 – “Wait on the Lord…..”

F. What a beautiful picture we have of our Gracious Heavenly Father in this chapter of Joshua!

G. He wants to go before YOU, open the way, stand in the midst, hold back the flood, as well as follow behind us protecting us even after we Cross Jordan.

H. We can TRUST God to always be faithful to do His part!

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