6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Sermon on Job and what God, Satan , Job’s wife and Job thought of job


TEXT - Job 1:6 - 2:10

INTRO. - We want to look this hour at the Book of Job.

It is regarded as the oldest book in the Bible, written

before Genesis was written by Moses. The Book of Job superbly

answers in part the question, "Why do the godly suffer?". We

will see a part of the answer in the text we have before us.

Our text gives us four opinions of the man Job and in these

four opinions is a message for us from God to each of us.


It is God who brings the devil’s attention to Job. I

believe the reason is that God delights in finding people who

so love and trust him so he can rub it under the devil’s

nose. Most people are sold out to self, Satan, or the world.

This includes many so called Christians. Many Christians are

not fully surrendered to Jesus so when the Lord God finds a

true dedicated, separated believer, he likes to brag on him

to the devil. Most of us like to be bragged on to the place

some of us brag on ourselves. How many of us are interested

in God bragging on us or how many can he brag on if he wanted


Job was a man who God could brag on. Vs.8 says he was

"perfect" which means he was mature and upright (but not


Have you ever thought that maybe some of the trials,

testings, and temptations that God has allowed you to face

has been for the purpose of showing the devil and others that

you will stay true to God at all costs. God wants more than

fair weather Christians.


In Chapter 1 of Job, Satan comes into the presence of

God from roaming the earth. Somehow the devil has access to

the presence of God. He cannot enter heaven but he can as a

creature have access to the Creator. His name "Satan" is

found 52 times in the Bible but the name devil is found only

in the New Testament and then only 36 times. Both "devil" and

"Satan" mean enemy or adversary in the sense of being an

accuser. He is found here living up to his name. Satan only

speaks three times in all the Bible yet his footprint crosses

every page. Here he speaks and accuses man to God. In Gen. 3

he assures God to man. In Matt. 4 at the temptation of Christ

he accuses the God-Man.

We see here that Satan has not been living in a

monastery. He works and lives where man lives and he knows

human nature as no other.

What is Satan’s attitude toward man? Does Job fear God

for nothing? Absolutely not! Job is outwardly decent because

he is being paid to be. Job does not love you God for what

and who you are but only for what he can get out of you. The

devil knows human nature and knows most people are just this

way. Let problems come, let sickness come and they will curse

God to his face as verse 11 says. Satan tells God to take

away the protection and he will show God what Job is really


So God does just that -- vs. 1: 12 - 19

Job lost his possessions - vs. 14

Job lost his wealth - vs. 16

Job lost his animals - vs. 17

Job lost his children - vs. 18 - 19

Not all death is due to God and not all troubles come from

God but all things do come with God’s permission.

Notice - vs. 22 - Job sinned not. He did not let God down.

In chapter 2 of Job, Satan comes again and God again points

out Job as a man God can brag on. See 2: 1-3

Notice what Satan then tells God - 2: 4-5

Satan tells God that in the previous testing of Job he was

allowed to touch Job’s possessions and family but not Job

himself. If Satan could touch Job personally, Satan figured,

Job would forsake God because "skin for skin all that a man

hath he will give for his life". Satan knows many people will

give anything for their lives.

ILL. - Many people will sell their souls to save their skins.

Some years ago during a communist scare a man was seen

bearing a sign in a protest group which read, "I would rather

be Red than dead".

Do you have a "selling out" price? What would you sell out to

the devil for? Judas sold out for 30 pieces of silver. Esau

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