Summary: The church must step out by faith and work during this time of freedom to work. We cannot stand idly by and allow the Outpouring of the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Awakening to pass us by! Let the Holy Ghost move in our midst or be left behind.

Four Triggers for a Spiritual Awakening

Four Messages that we Must Heed to be a Part of any Great Awakening!

Sunday, August 278, 2017

By Rev. James May

There are too many scriptures today for me to put them in the bulletin so you’ll need to get your Bible out and turn to the Book of Haggai in the Old Testament. For those who may not be too familiar with the order of Books in the Old Testament, Haggai is the 3rd to last book, followed only by Zechariah and Malachi. It’s easy to miss when searching because its only 2 or 3 pages long with 2 chapters and only 38 verses total, but it packs some powerful messages that we need to hear.

In the Book of Haggai we will find some powerful words that God spoke through the prophet to Israel in a time when Israel was facing some similar circumstances that the church is facing, especially here in America, but I believe in many areas of the world.

There can be no doubt that the church has been under the attack of the powers of hell. Satan has pulled out all stops and has commissioned his greatest forces to attempt to destroy the testimony of Jesus Christ in the earth because he desires to place himself at the pinnacle of worship of all men. As we said last week, principalities, powers of darkness and every evil spirit under his command are posted in places where they will influence and control the minds of men to do Satan’s bidding.

Sadly, some of those evil spirits have been very successful in influencing and weakening the church. It’s very evident that this is true because there are many churches, and many pastors today who no longer preach a true gospel message. They don’t preach the cross of Christ, or they refuse to talk about the power of the blood of Jesus alone to cleanse from sin. They don’t even mention repentance for sin because they don’t want to offend the guilty and unrepentant hearts of men fearing that they might lose a member, and with them will go their tithes and offerings, and the numbers of people that they can brag about as though numbers is what the main focus is.

As we have said many times, we would love to see the church filled to capacity, and to have to start a building program, expanding the borders of our church ministry. But expansion and building just for the sake of having bragging rights isn’t the main goal.

The main goal of this church is to do our best to make sure that everyone who attends here, whether it’s a big crowd or a small congregation, is ready to go when the rapture comes, so that not one of us is left behind. The salvation of a single soul is more important than pandering to a huge crowd of people who refuse to serve the Lord and have no personal experience with Jesus and don’t seem to want him in their lives.

The church needs a revival, a stirring of the heart and soul, and a renewal of the Holy Ghost and Fire! I believe that’s already happening here at Victory Temple. I can see and sense God moving in every service. We are doing everything we can to keep our focus on Jesus and his soon return, and nothing else. Everything we say and do is designed as best we can to reach the lost, to strengthen and encourage the church, and to prepare as many as possible for our departure from this earth when that great trumpet sounds and we all go to be with the Lord.

There are many encouraging signs around the world that a Great Spiritual Awakening and a Revival is already happening. People are coming to Christ in record numbers, even in countries where they know that becoming a Christian means certain death!

We can see signs of it right here in America too. Revivals breaking out in places like West Virginia and Florida are but the tip of the iceberg of what the Holy Spirit is wanting to do in America! I believe we are on the leading edge of a great Outpouring of the Holy Ghost and a return of the church to the true gospel message! The heart and plan of God for this hour is to save as many as will hear and heed the call to come to Him!

Every time we come together our prayer is that God will send that great outpouring, and give us a great Spiritual Awakening, and for that to happen in us as well as everywhere else.

God doesn’t want his church to be a weakling church, hiding underground, trying to escape persecution from the powers of the devil. NO SIR, the true church is receiving a new boldness to stand up and resist the devil, forcing him to flee!

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