Summary: This message deals with the importance of being ready and deals with the difference between those who will be found faithful and unfaithful.


This passage points out one of the central tensions that we feel regarding the Second Coming of

Christ: the “watch for the indications” versus “it’ll take you by surprise.”

- vv. 32-33 - “watch for the signs.”

- vv. 37-39 - “things will look like normal.”

These are not contradictory, but rather complimentary. We hold onto both of these truths in

order to avoid the mistake of being completely unconcerned about the idea of the return of Christ

or the mistake of become obsessed by thinking we can discern the signs that will tell us when it

will happen.


TRUTH #1: All these things are going to happen (v. 34).

PROMISE #1: Cling to His words to find your security (v. 35).

TRUTH #2: One will be taken; one will be left (v. 40-41).

PROMISE #2: If you’re not ready, you’ll wish you had been (vv. 42-43).

TRUTH #3: Faithfulness in not found in sitting and waiting, but in actively doing (vv. 45-46).

PROMISE #3: The faithful will be given more authority (v. 47).

TRUTH #4: Unfaithfulness consists of hurting your brother or sister in Christ, living hypocritically,

and not being ready (vv. 48-50).

PROMISE #4: For the unfaithful, there will be judgment, weeping, and gnashing of teeth (v. 51).

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