Summary: Second in the series "God has a dream." Dreams are fulfilled when we realize that we cannot do it, but God can.

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Adventure Christian Church

Genesis 42:41(p. 26)

Four Words Away From God’s Dream

God’s dreams are fulfilled through us when we realize…

1. We cannot do it.

“I cannot do it” (v. 41)

• Stage One: The LORD takes us into His workshop.

For Joseph, it was 4745 days of prison…13 yrs.

For Jacob, it was 14 years of hard work.

For Abraham, it was 25 years as an empty-nester.

• Stage Two: The LORD changes our vocabulary.

Joseph’s vocabulary has changed… "You will bow" to

“I cannot do it”

The life of a believer is full of oxymorons.

“Whoever loses his life will find it” (Mt. 16:25)

“For when I am weak, I am strong” (2 Cor. 12:10).

Personally, what stage of preparation for God’s dream am I personally experiencing? (circle one)

God’s dreams are fulfilled through us when we realize we cannot do it…

2. But He can.

“But God who gives the interpretaton will” (v. 41).

• Stage Three: The LORD delights in giving us a new


For Joseph, his future was in the reconciliation of his family and the saving of nations.

For Jacob, his future was reconciliation with his brother, Esau.

For Abraham, his future was the fathering of nations.

Personally, in what life circumstance am I willing to say, “I cannot do it. But God can.” _____________________________________

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