Summary: The fourth commandment calls to observe one day for God. The Israelite's were asked to keep the seventh day but we can keep one day for the Lord.

Fourth Commandment

Sabbath: Ex 20:8-11

Introduction: the Hebrew word for the Sabbath is “Shabbath”. It means rest. Jews were commanded to keep the Sabbath on the seventh day of every week.

1. Remember the Sabbath Ex 20:8

The Hebrew word is “Zakar”. Remember- to mark in the mind, be mindful of it, think on, bring to remember. It reminds of preparation before it comes.

Remember it because it is a covenant. How you remember your wedding day, birthday, other special days of your life. Ex 31:16, Ezek. 20:12-13. If your remember you will live by it.

Remember your creator, remember your redemption, remember that it is God’s holy day. Wait upon the Lord to know that he is LORD. He is the creator of the Universe. Ex 31:12-17.

Remember means already exists. One day in seven is to be kept holy. All the laws of the Decalogue are according to the dictates of nature, the law and light of reason, and knowledge of men, excepting this: wherefore no other has this word "remember" prefixed to it; there being somewhat in the light of every man's reason and conscience to direct and engage him in some measure to the observation of them.

2. Keep the Sabbath

A day of rest, relief, refreshing. God finished all His work within six days and rested on the seventh day. He has done all the works and finished all the works, and rested completely. (Gen. 2:2, Heb 4:4)

Keep because it is a blessed day, Ex 20:11, Is 56:2- blessed is the man who keeps it. The day is blessed; men are blessed by it, and in it. The blessing and direction to keep holy are not limited to the seventh day, but are spoken of the Sabbath day.

Kindle no fire- no cooking. Not keeping the Sabbath is like blasphemy. It was treated as a great sin and put to death.

Two travelers were traveling on the Train. One passenger was seriously reading the Bible, and thinking about God. The other passenger saw that and mocked at him saying the world is going somewhere, the science has taken us all to great heights, what is to do with Bible, God, etc., he said to the reader “I am a scientist, please come and meet me, I will explain you about science”, the reader gave him his card, it read: “Thomas Alwa Edison”.

The day became one of “languid bodily ease, relaxation, and luxury” it was intended to devote to prayer and communion with God—to meditation on His mercies in past time, His character, attributes, revelations of Himself, government of the world, dealings with men and nations. “keep holy,” with a positive holiness. It takes time to be holy.

3. Things to do and not to do on the Sabbath.

Don’t do any ordinary work. Lev 16:21, 16:24-25. Not do the works which are pleasing you.(Is 58:13),

No shopping Neh. 10:31, No sale of Food items, fish, etc.,

Christ allowed works of necessity, charity, and piety; for the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath, Mk. 2:27; but all works of luxury, vanity, or self-indulgence in any form, are forbidden. Trading, paying wages, settling accounts, writing letters of business, worldly studies, trifling visits, journeys, or light conversation, are not keeping this day holy to the Lord.

Six days are allotted to worldly business, On those days do all work, and leave none to be done on the Sabbath day. Sloth and indolence may be a carnal, but not a holy rest. The Sabbath of the Lord should be a day of rest from worldly labor, and a rest in the service of God. The advantages from the due keeping of this holy day, were it only to the health and happiness of mankind, with the time it affords for taking care of the soul, show the Excellency of this commandment.

Don’t speak of your own words.

Deny yourself, empty yourself, humble yourself, practice self-denial – Lev 16:29, Lev 23:29. It is a day of Holy Convocation. Lev 23:3.

Present your offerings Lev. 16:25.

Loose bindings of Satanic forces. Lk. 13:15.

Do good (Mt.12:12),

Heal (Jn. 7:23,9:14),

Evangelize (Ac 16:13),

Search the Scriptures (Ac 17:2).

Profaning the Sabbath day leads to miserable family life. (Jer. 17:27)

Christians are not under obligation to observe a Sabbath day (Colossians 2:16-17 and Galatians 4:9-11), because Jesus fulfilled the purpose and plan of the Sabbath for us and in us (Hebrews 4:9-11).

Galatians 4:10 tells us that Christians are not bound to observe days and months and seasons and years. The rest we enter into as Christians is something to experience every day, not just one day a week - the rest of knowing we don’t have to work to save ourselves, but our salvation is accomplished in Jesus (Hebrews 4:9-10).

Don’t neglect the Sunday worship. (Heb 10:25).

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