Summary: Many people become a Christian but not living a Christian life, a life that free from every bondage. Don’t let satan keep you in his bondage!


In Exodus 5:1 we will find, there are 4 conditions where God can say that we are free from "the bondage of corruption into THE GLORIOUS LIBERTY OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD,"

First, "Let My people..." (2 Chron. 7:14 said that God’s people is the one that called by His Name).

Second, "... go..." Not just standing around, doing nothing.

Third, " hold a feast unto Me..."

Fourth, "... in the wilderness."

But in the same time, Pharaoh (description of The Devil, Master of Slavery), launched 4 tactics so Israel (that us) can’t fulfill this 4 great condititons. In other words, he try to keep us as his slave.

And I believe, devil still do the same tactics today. Many people can go to the church, day after day and week after week for years, but they still in Satan’s slavery. They still struggle for everything they face; they struggle with sins, with flesh, with the will of God in their life, even with the will of God that they already knew. You can put every tactics from the darkness that you face today, in this 4 tactics, so you can’t live as a free man. There are:

1. Satan will not let you go (Ex 5:2, 4-9).


Ex. 5:9, "Let there more WORK laid upon the men, that they may labour therein;..."

He puts to you more burden as your bondage. How many people are in this kind of bondage. "Work bondage" or "Business bondage". They work, work, work, and work... "God will not pay my salary!" they say. "I not believe in God, I just believe in money!", or "I just believe in myself!’ Are you just like that? Sir, you are in Devil’s bondage!

Money will not satisfy you, my beloved! It will not! Sure, I need money, I’ll not deny that. But, I will not let money to be the master of my life. I will not let money distract me from the salvation of my soul. I will not let money distract me from the love of my wonderful and sweet Lord Jesus.

My beloved, come to Jesus, he has more than what money can buy for you! Peace, joy, love, wonderful marriage, health, wisdom, salvation, eternal life, appreciation and everything that you looking for!

Many people still in that kind of bondage, even when they already in church! The only thing they hope for is their strength! Many people lost the message of God’s amazing grace and begin depend on their works to gain their salvation.God will not be impress by your works! Salvation is not by our works, the outpouring of The Holy Spirit, is not by our works; NOTHING in the Christianity is by our works, it’s all God’s works in us!

2. Satan will not let you come into the wilderness (Ex 8:25-28)


By "don’t go very far away, intreat for me!" Satan still whispering to many ears, "If you want to go to the church, it’s OK! Fine! But you still can go to the nightclub. Hay, be real! Everybody doing this, why you can’t? Don’t be such a hypocrite!" Isn’t it familiar to our ears? The devil trying to make us not "too holy" and things like that. And when we were fail, he attacks us with despair and unworthiness so we will feel that we just a failure.

No! We must dare to say: No, to the Devil! He is the loser, not us! We are RADICALLY SAVED! We must live a Holy live, a Radical live! GO FAR AWAY from sins! WE ARE FREE because The Precious Blood of Jesus! Learn from Joseph (Gen 39:10-12), he ran from sin! Run, my frien! Run to Jesus! You may fall for once or twice, or more, but my bible say, "The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD; and He delighted in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for The LORD upholded him with His hand." Ps 37:23-24. JESUS WILL NOT CAST YOU DOWN! Halelluyah!

3. Satan will not let you become God’s people (Ex 10:8-11)


Pharaoh said, "go now ye that are men..." How about the women? or, the young men? or, the old men? Many church would not let women preach, because they think that men is better than women in preaching; or, for example someone told me, "Sir, my wife is already go to the church, so I don’t have to go to the church anymore, she will pray to the Lord on my behalf!" Oouch, they still in Devil’s bondage! Sir, Jesus is not just for men; His Bible is not just for preacher; His command not just for your pastor; it’s for EVERYONE! Don’t let Devil lie to you!

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