Summary: This 4th of July sermon calls people to consider whether they have real freedom - the kind of freedom that only Jesus can bring.


John 8:31-36


As July 4 comes our way again, we celebrate our national freedom. This is only right and proper. Every person has

a desire to be free. But what is freedom? Is every person in America free?

Jesus lived in a day when political freedom was only a dream. Yet He said freedom was possible. The key which opens

the door to real freedom is the truth embodied in Jesus Christ.


A. We want to know. Our nation is obsessed with knowing about the lives, work, hobbies, failures, of people.

People are searching for answers, for solid ground -- for truth.

B. Jesus is the truth.

1. To know truth, you must abide in Jesus. You do so through His Word. Having given your life to Him, you must

submerge yourself in His Word to stay close to Him and strong in Him.

2. "truth" (Greek = alaythea) - refers not just to truth as opposed to falsehood, but also to what is real as

opposed to what is not real.


Jesus’ listeners responded the way many people do today - "What do we need to be free from?" Freedom is tied to

Jesus Christ. Apart from Jesus there is no real freedom. What ways are we free in Christ? We are:

A. Free from Death - The greek word for "free" often is used for "redemption from death." Physical death is

certain, but it’s sting is removed by the triumph of Jesus over sin, death, and hell!

B. Free from Sin - Without Jesus, we are slaves to sin - 8:34-35. People are afraid to tie themselves to Jesus. They

are already chained to their own sin. Jesus forgives us, and gives us the power to live differently.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13

C. Free from Legalism - Jewish tradition had created 613 rules for living that had been build around God’s Word.

Included were 365 negative commands - one for every day of the year! Some believers it seems, would rather live

a life of rules than they would to just live by faith. While freedom does have limits, we have been freed to

love and serve the Lord.


Are you free in Jesus Christ? Or are you a slave to someone or something else? The person in America without Jesus

Christ - despite all of our political freedom - is more of a slave than the person who is free in Jesus Christ

who may be languishing today in a prison somewhere in the world for their faith.

Jesus wants you to be free today! He wants to free you today! Won’t you give your life to Him, and let this

become your personal Independence Day?

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