Summary: Because of the work of the Holy Spirit we can have freedom from discouragement


• A couple of weeks ago we started looking at the issue of discouragement. One of the freedoms we can enjoy as Christians is the freedom from discouragement.

• One of the reasons we looked at as to why this is true is because of the hope of better things to come that we have in Jesus. No matter what life deals us now, no matter what we suffer through now, it is nothing compared to the wonderful blessing awaiting us on the other side of life.

• Today we are going to look at a second reason we can enjoy freedom from discouragement.

• How many times have you felt the world caving in on you? You felt helpless and discouraged, maybe you had so much to get done, you just wanted to cry because you did not think it was possible to get it all done in time.

• Have you had a time in your life where things seemed so difficult you had no idea what to do, what to say or what to pray? Have you ever felt alone in the midst of your trying times? That can be a very discouraging feeling and a very discouraging time in our lives.

• Two weeks ago we looked at how our hope in Jesus could get us through. The good news is the fact we receive more help than just hope. Today we are going to look at part of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives and how that ministry is one of the reasons we do not have to be enslaved to discouragement.

• Do you remember the old Hamburger Helper commercials? Hamburger Helper, when you need a helping hand.

• Usually you would see a person who had such a busy day that they did not have the time to cook a REAL MEAL, so they whip out a box of Hamburger Helper. The little glove guy (which would scare me) shows up and there you go, a “meal” is done (If you want to call that a meal)

• Everyone looks relieved because the little glove came and saved the day with a box of Hamburger helper. The commercial implies this person could not have possibly made it through the process of making dinner without the helping hand.

• Today you will learn that you have a helping hand that will be much better than an old box of Hamburger helper.

• READ ROMANS 8:26-27



• Hope will take us so far in dealing with tough situations in life. In verse 26 we are told that in the same way that hope helps sustain us in times of discouragement, the Spirit is there to help sustain us during trying times.

• We are told the Spirit (Holy Spirit) helps our weakness. In the context of the chapter we have read (8:20-21), weakness most likely refers to the problems that are a result of the futility and slavery to corruption the world is marred with at this present time.

• Most of the difficulties we face are a result of the fallen world we live in.

• So many times we feel isolated and alone when we are facing bad things. We feel powerless, helpless, and a sense of impending doom.

• Christians are free from the slavery of discouragement because of the hope we have within us and because we have a friend who will be with us every step of the way.

• The word “help” is a word that means; “to take hold of anything with another”, “to give assistance by sharing a burden” or to “come to the aid of.”

• When we are facing difficult times, the Christian is not alone; the Holy Spirit comes along side of us to help lift the burden.

• The way this works is explained in the rest of verse 26 and 27.

• You do not have to feel alone because you are not. That feeling of isolation can be one of the most discouraging parts of going through tough times.


• In verse 26 we are told that part of the help in lifting burdens comes in the form of prayer help.

• Have you ever been hurting so bad that you just did not know what to ask God for? Have you ever been so down that you could not put into words what was in your heart?

• In verse 26 we are told that we do not know how to pray as we should. It does not mean we do not know how to pray, but instead when we are in the throws of difficulties and are really hurting, we can not put into words what we need.

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