Summary: Despite what we are being told by so many today, even among those who are in position to shape the destiny of this nation, Freedom flourishes within the framework of order.

Freedom vs. Anarchy

Ezekiel 22:23-31

6 In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. Judges 17:6; 21:25 (ESV)

Anarchy and freedom have seemed to some to move in the same direction; in truth, they are complete opposites.

Anarchy, a condition which one is allowed to do “his thing” without external controls, has been claimed to be the ideal state of affairs; actually, the end result is an impossible state of affairs.

Now if everything each did in doing “his thing” was the right thing in every situation, paradise might prevail. History has revealed, and action is revealing that those who insist most loudly for doing “his thing” have little or no regard for personal responsibility for the well being of others. I can assure you the end result of such action isn’t paradise but the opposite.

I believe t hat the darkest days in the history of man is described two times in Bible History. “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” Beloved, this is the formula for dark and dire times in the life of society, family and individual.

Anarchy is the result of blind thinking. That which they think will produce an expanded freedom does no such thing, it will be destroyed. Understand, doing only that which is the right in one’s own eyes destroys the freedom of one’s associates and at the same time destroys their own freedom. Freedom does not exist in the chaos of anarchy.

Despite what we are being told by so many today, even among those who are in position to shape the destiny of this nation, Freedom flourishes within the framework of order.

Beloved, this framework is formed by the hard realities of t his world in which we live. Mankind is limited by the situation in which they live.

How long is it going to take humanity to understand that man is truly free only when it lives within the law of its own being as creatures fashioned in the image of God. It makes little difference how much I rebel against the limits imposed by other people; I can never escape the limits of my own nature.

Now if this is true, then wherein is freedom? Freedom is not freedom without limits, without law. My freedom is within the limits of law.

I know that attitude toward law is that it is always negative, symbol of something to be evaded. That individual who does not like law does not face the reality of facts. Whether one likes it or not he has to live with it.

Limits of life are drawn for making freedom. These limits I have no control: What I am at Birth: Color of skin, Basic Level of natural Ability, General Pattern of Temperament, Assets and Liabilities of my Environment to name a few. These were given to us with no choice of our own.

What I am at birth, at 12, at 24 at 50 or 100 depends not only on what I was given at birth, but on what I have done with my heritage, large or small.

Jesus told a parable of a prosperous business man about to take a trip. He entrusted fixed funds to three of his servants. To one he gave $6,000, to another $3,000 and to another $1,500. Remember neither of these servants had a choice as to the amount received.

The choice they had was what they did with this money given to their trust. To the one given $6,000 under his care became $12,000. To the one who received $3,000 under his care became $6,000. But, notice the third servant did nothing with his $1,500. He made no use of what was placed in his trust.

Now comes the Law; the ones who used their potential with equal faithfulness were rewarded equally even the thought the results were different. The one who made no use of what was entrusted to him lost all he had.

Now, let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty. The use we make or do not make of our freedom makes a difference. To use it to destroy freedom is very common. You see the Bible has a name for this. It is called “SIN”.

Beloved, to run contrary to the Law of God, as expressed in the Bible and in our own nature is to end up a slave to circumstances, habits, to live life’s most bitter bondage.

Also, we are seeing today, that individual setting forth to deliberately develop a personality cult, seeking the ones who will remain devoted to them and their philosophies, thus giving them affection, loyalty and faith that rightly belongs to God.

This type of deception is being used today as never before in history. Using God as a tool of the world and science to lead a people down a very dismal path to doom. These so much of the time, weave into the philosophy the idea that God always rescue the fallen no matter how deep that one sinks.

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