Summary: There are some great freedoms that we should cherish as Americans and as Christians

-America is known around the world as a land of freedom

-It is one of the principles this nation was founded upon

-We all like our freedoms

-But many misunderstand what freedom really means

-Freedom is not really a license to do what you please

-It is the right to be wrong but not to do wrong

-We have many great freedoms in this country that we cherish

I. What Are Some Freedoms We Should Cherish As Americans

-There are many, but let me just highlight two today

A. Freedom of religion

-Note: it is not a freedom from religion

-George Washington in his Farewell Address said, "Do not let anyone claim the tribute of American patriotism if they ever attempt to remove religion from politics."

-Remember from your childhood days and the history taught you about why many of the early settlers came to this country

-First Amendment - “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

1. Freedom to worship who you choose

-We can worship whatever god we would like to

-However, there is only one true God

-He is not the God of the Muslims

-He is not the God of the Hindus

-He is not the God of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons or Unitarians

-Ecumenicalism is a ploy of Satan to make many to believe that there are many paths to God

-There is only one and it is straight and narrow and goes right through the cross of Christ

-Patrick Henry - "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ!"

2. Freedom to worship when you choose

-Did you know that 10 AM on Sundays is not the only time you can worship

-Some of my best worship has come in the middle of the night

3. Freedom to worship where you choose

-You can worship God at home

-At work or at school

-In your car

-Walking in the woods

-Or even in church

4. Freedom to worship how you choose

a. Boisterously

-Loud “Amens” or cheering or praises

b. Animatedly

-Hands lifted high and such

c. Quietly

B. Freedom of speech

1. Even when it comes to Christ

-We are free to evangelize

-Sadly, there are many that wish to take away this freedom from us

-They would have us keep the name of Christ to ourselves

-Even though Mohammad, Buddha and others are accepted throughout society

a. We can speak of Him in our schools

-Even pray to Him

b. We can speak of Him in our workplaces

-Often God gives you the jobs you have so you can be His emissaries in that particular mission field

2. Even when it comes to sin

-We are free to prophesy

-Although, the day is fast approaching where tolerance of our message will fall by the wayside

-We need more Elijahs and Gideons and John the Baptists who will stand against the evils of the day and boldly proclaim a message of repentance

3. Even when it comes to lies

-We are free to set the record straight

a. Evolution

-Sadly, many teachers who disbelieve in evolution refuse to stand against their superiors and reject teaching this blatantly false theory

b. Modern day deceptions

-Such as the DaVinci Code and the Jesus Seminar

-I’m glad I live in America where I have freedoms

-Great freedoms

-Yet, the greatest freedoms one can experience do not come from being a part of the United States of America

-John 8:31-36

II. What Are Some Freedoms We Should Cherish As Christians?

A. Freedom from sin

-Christ offers salvation

-Sin is like a chain that holds us in captivity

-Romans 6:20-23

-The more we sin, the more we want to sin

-The only thing that can break the cycle is Christ

-He is the “Glorious Emancipator”

-Only through becoming His slave, though

-Which is the really greatest freedom you can experience

B. Freedom from stress

-So many today walk around with great stress in their lives

-This can be caused by family situations, workloads or even too great a focus on failures and guilt

-It can lead to broken relationships, lost jobs and often it creates or st6rengthens diseases that can lead to death

-Stress is never in God’s plan for our lives

-Christ offers peace

-He is the “Prince of Peace”

-John 14:27

-John 16:33

C. Freedom from senselessness

-Christ offers purpose

-Acts 26:14-16



-For many years the license plates of New Hampshire bore the slogan, made famous by Revolutionary War general John Stark – "live free or die." The irony is that those great words were printed onto the license plates by inmates in the state prison.

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