Summary: Fathers Day message. What channel are you on? Are you on the same frequency as the rest of your family?

Sometimes, Fathers can do some stupid things and sometimes aren’t always on the same "frequency" of the rest in the family...

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Men do some stupid things - like the time I tried showing my daughter how to cast her hook and bobber in the pond to try and catch a fish.

I had her stand behind me to watch carefully and to observe my technique. As I raised my arm up to cast the line, I was instructing her to push the release button while casting the line out like this...

I was then I realized my arm was stuck and wouldn’t go foward while at the same time I heard my daughter scream behind me.

I turned to see in shock and horror that I had hooked my daughters cheek with the fishhook while trying to cast the line.

As a young father with his first daughter, I panicked. My wife kept her cool and instructed us to drop everything and get in the car to head toward the ER. My daughter was fine. There was no blood. I had cut the line from the pole.

Actually it was kind of funny to see my daughter in the back seat on the way to the ER with a fishhook in her cheek with some fishing string hanging from it.

The ER doctor got a kick out of it also. He deadened the skin by the fish hook. Snipped the hook and slid it gently out of her cheek and all was well...except for the glare of doom from my wife of trying to teach my daughter how to fish.

It’s good to be a man on Fathers Day. A day when men can Pick stuff, Pass smells, Burp air and still be honored.

Thed Top Ten Reasons Why Men Love Being Men

1. We can open our own jars.

2. The same hair-style lasts for years -- maybe decades.

3. Underwear is $10 a three-pack.

4. Car mechanics tell us the truth.

5. Gray hair and wrinkles add character.

6. If another guy shows up at a party in the same outfit you just

might become lifelong friends.

7. We are totally unable to see wrinkles in our clothes.

8. One wallet, one pair of shoes, one color, all seasons.

9. We can do our nails with pocketknife.

10. Christmas shopping can be accomplished for 25 people on the day before Christmas and in 45 minutes.

Sometimes fathers do things that make it difficult for the family to accept and especially if you have any teenagers in the house.

Many times teens want to choose friends over parents in the area of advice, and as the leader of the house, this becomes a definite volatile point for any father-if he is the decision maker in his family.

We interpret the phrase "blood is thicker than water" as meaning family relationships are stronger than, and superior to, any other kind of relationship.

When pressed to decide between family and others, family prevails.

There are times when this philosophy is sound but also times when it is misguided. Such was the case in our scripture today (1 Samuel 20:24-34)

Jonathan was caught between his father Saul (blood) and his best friend David (water). How would he decide between the two?

Jonathan wanted to see God in his father - but knew God’s Spirit rested on David


There’s a story of a 3rd grade student who was asked to draw a picture of what she thinks God looks like. The little girl showed the teacher - teacher said "Wait a minute, that looks like a man - that’s not God!"

And the little girl said "Well, I don’t know what God looks like, but this is a picture of my daddy. And surely God must look something like my daddy.


For your kids to see a Father in "God", they must see some "God" in their Father

When fathers become consumed with themselves, then the only thing they can see is what you are at that time in your life. And depending on where you are at in your relationship with God, that can be a crapshoot.

Saul was consumed with himself, his kingdom and looking good in front of others-even at the expense of ridiculing his child and his wife

When the New Moon festival arrived, Saul noticed David was absent. Saul supposed David was unclean and could not attend.

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