Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: What should we do when we make mistakes and can we become good witnesses for God again?

We have all done it! We have all done something not good; then we say to ourselves,

“Wow, I was really a poor testimony for God with that one.”

Did anyone get hurt? Did you do anything about it?

You know, this is actually a good sign when you realize you have done something wrong for God. This tells you that God is at work within you! If you are already a Believer of Jesus Christ, it is God the Holy Spirit speaking to you affirming your belief and calling you to yield to God, not to self.

If you’re not a Believer of Jesus Christ and you are realizing that you’re a poor testimony for God, you need to thank God, for He is calling you to believe in the One who died for all your mistakes in life. Only Jesus Christ can help us with our mistakes, and we all make them.

Let us all bow our heads and pray along with me.

Dear God, I confess that I have made some very bad mistakes in my life; you know what they are. All these things that I have done which do not line up with You; a Holy, Perfect, Good God. Because you know I am a sinner, You allowed God Jesus Christ to die on a cross for all my sins. I accept and receive your love for me; that you want to forgive me of all my mistakes. Lord Jesus, I profess that you alone can save me from my sins. Come in to my heart, clean-up every wrong I’ve done, and lead my life. Bring peace to my life! Amen.

Now, just because we are Believers of God and Jesus Christ, it doesn’t mean we will not make any more mistakes. And of course, when Christians make godly mistakes, they become poor witnesses for Jesus Christ.

What should we do when we make mistakes?

Can we become good witnesses again?

Let us learn from Isaac. Please open your Bibles to Genesis 26, page…….. I’ve asked Peg Hamby to read for us this morning. As Peg comes forward, let us together pray our commitment to God’s Word.............

What can we note from v1-6?

God affirmed His promises and instructed Isaac to stay in Canaan. We read in v6, Isaac obeyed God.

Now, was it easy for Isaac to obey God??

Yes, God spoke to him directly, but there was a famine in the land and Isaac had to live as a stranger amongst the Philistines! Isaac obeyed God by trusting God!

But what happened in v7? Isaac lied about his wife because he feared for his life! Does this sound familiar?

Abraham, Isaac’s father, lied about his own wife not just once but 2 times and both times trouble came!

Didn’t Abraham teach his son? We can’t tell for sure.

What we can note for sure is that Isaac lied for selfish reasons because he feared for his life.

What should Isaac have done with his fears??

We do not read Isaac seeking counsel from God do we? We know that Isaac believed in prayer but in this instance, Isaac did not seek God’s counsel. Some food for thought: Do you think God was waiting for Isaac to ask for help?? God has a big ear! God is always waiting to hear from people! God loves to answer prayers!

Now, what can we note from v8-11?

Isaac was in the land a long time. Could something bad have happened with Isaac or Rebekah??

All sorts of bad things could have happened! Why do you think no major bad thing happened??

God protected His promises!

And v9 tells us that, the truth came out anyway!

And v10-11 tell us that sins will impact a community!

Now, because God is a good God, we note in v12-13 the Lord blessed Isaac and he became wealthy! But the Philistines envied Isaac and the king told him to move out!

What did God tell Isaac about the land??

Now, God never told Isaac to move. Isaac again didn’t consult with God! And what happened? Isaac had water problems!

Why did Isaac ended up with all sorts of problems and was a poor witness for God? Why did this happen? Let us note 2 major things: Isaac sinned and didn’t consult with God!

Did this stop God from accomplishing His promises?

What happened in v22?

Isaac finally found a well where there was no one to quarrel with! Don’t you think God had something to do with that? And how did Isaac respond to this relief of now having water to drink? Isaac finally acknowledged God again and gave thanks to Him! For a long time with all his wealth and trials we do not read Isaac acknowledging God till he got to this well where there was peace!

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