Summary: No other man that has ever lived has been remembered as well as Jesus is remembered. Two thousand years later, and the world still remembers and studies more about this man than any other person who has ever lived.

Text: I Peter 2:21 thru 25

We are here this morning because of the Man Whom the world has never forgotten. His name is Jesus Christ.

You may have had a busy week but perhaps there were moments when you stopped what you were doing, or wherever you were going, or whatever you were thinking, just long enough to remember what Jesus has done for you. My friend, Jesus gave Himself for you and every other person, and it is for that reason that He will never be forgotten.

Think about it. No other man that has ever lived has been remembered as well as Jesus is remembered. Two thousand years later, and the world still remembers and studies more about this man than any other person who has ever lived.

The impact the life of Christ has had still overwhelms modern day philosophers, learned men, and folks like you and me. Some have tried, but no one can explain away His greatness, His power or His deity.

I love Him for not just Who He was, but for Who is. I have known Him for nearly all of my life, and I am still in awe of His presence and power. I am convinced!

Well, why is this? How is it that one Man could have so much influence and fame?

There are many reasons for this, and I want to talk to you about one of these reasons that has been on my heart most of this week.

What I am referring to is the suffering He endured for each of us.

Instantly many of you will picture our Savior being nailed to the Cross of Calvary. Matt 27:45 tells us that Jesus hung on the cross and,

“…from the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land.”

This period of time may not mean anything to you as you look at the watch on your wrist. Let me translate what that verse means to us. Simply put–

Jesus suffered on the cross of Calvary FROM NOON UNTIL THREE –

The entire world was covered by darkness. Scientist claim that there was an eclipse that took place during that time.

Was this a coincidence? Or was this the dark cloud of sin that plagues this world?

Regardless, (I would suggest) this “darkness (that was) over all the land” prevented anyone from clearly seeing everything that was taking place on Golgotha’s Hill.

No doubt this sudden darkness (in the middle of day) came as a surprise to the Roman Centurions, the Jewish leaders and the common man who were gathered there that day.

The obvious thought I have is that there were no streetlights, no parking lot lights, and no flood lamps or spotlights to illuminate Golgotha’s Hill. Perhaps the guards began lighting torches to see what was going on. The dark images of death could only reveal the curse of sin that Jesus dieing for.

Obviously, it was difficult for anyone to see exactly what was taking place.

If you were there you would have –

Ø Only heard the moans and groans of pain coming from Jesus and the two thieves on either side of Him.

Ø Heard the crowd shouting and mocking our Lord.

Ø Barely seen and understood all that was taking place.

This morning we can only imagine the beaten and battered figure of a man dieing on the cross for your sins.

FROM NOON UNTIL THREE – there was a physical pain Christ endured.

As well, we must know of the pain taking place on the inside of the soul of our Savior. I believe this was the greater pain.


Our Savior was denied any comfort from the world here below, and no sunlight from heaven.

Jesus finished drinking the cup of God’s wrath in the final three hours of His earthly life. His body was racked with the pain and torment of the cross. But the greatest pain was taking place within His soul as He drank the last of His bitter cup.


All of the Jesus’ life the long-sufferings increased before coming to a brutal end on Golgotha’s Hill. Even as a child, Jesus very likely could have endured rejection and humiliation.

I say that because the scriptures tell us (in Matthew 13) that Jesus had 4 brothers and several sisters. As an only perfect and sinless child, Jesus endured the inconvenience and isolation of sibling rivalry like you and I can only imagine.

Even as a child, His sinless life had to have caused Him to be an oddity to His own brothers and sisters.


There was a period of time mankind will never forget.

As verse 21 of our text puts it,

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