Summary: In the day of continuing threats of terror facing Americans as well as the world, there is an answer for Beleivers who want to live by "Faith and not by Fear."

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From Terrorism to Triumph


Psalm 91 • by Dr. Larry L. Thompson


After the shock of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2002 America found herself attempting to recover and move forward. No sooner had we begun then we faced a new threat which emerged. It was hinted at previously; this week it has been described in greater detail. It appears that additional attacks have been planned—or at least considered. Earlier this year one of the hijackers had attempted to buy (with a government loan, no less) a crop dusting plane that would have allowed him to spread hundreds of gallons of deadly chemicals throughout the countryside, causing more death and misery. The government responded by grounding all crop-dusters until they could further investigate. Following the crop duster communication we intercepted we were suddenly confronted with Anthrax and now we would face the possibility of terrorism by mail. All this was a reminder to us (as if we needed one) that all the enemies of America did not die in the Pentagon and World Trade Center explosions, and they have not, nor will they give up. We are living in a new day in America and we find ourselves living in, “the Land of Fear instead of the Land of the Free.”

These seemingly daily threats make us realize that it is not just those who live in New York, Washington or any major city that are at risk; the threat is real and it is nationwide and we stand against an evil, demonic regime that has but one goal: “Kill everyone who is not exactly like us!”

I don’t say these things to frighten anyone; I’m not trying to create a sense of panic in this day of praise. As a matter of record, today’s message is intended to provide the very antithesis of fear and that is freedom from fear. TODAY’S MESSAGE REMINDS US THAT EVEN IN THE FACE OF TERRORISM, THE THREATS, EVEN IN THE MIDST OF THE BATTLE, WE CAN STAND STRONG—WITH CONFIDENCE AND COURAGE—WE STAND IN THAT WHICH IS OUR ONLY HOPE – WE STAND RESOLVED AND RECOMMITTED TO OUR NATIONAL MOTTO: IN GOD WE TRUST, KNOWING THAT IF GOD BE FOR US, WE WILL NOT FEAR THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST US.

To find the source for this HOPE we turn to the Psalms 91, where we discover comfort and hope in the words of King David. Psalm 91 serves to remind us of an absolutely crucial Biblical truth: NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE, THE ONLY ABSOLUTELY SAFE PLACE TO BE IS IN THE ARMS OR THE PRESENCE OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD. I want you to know that his arms are open wide. He receives everyone who runs to him. The terrorism that has struck America has caused many people to return to God, and he welcomes each and every one. He speaks these words of HOPE to our life, "Come to me and I will heal your pain, I will take away your fear, I will give you hope and strength. Come to me."

Psalm 91:1-16 (page 424 in your pew Bible)

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. [2] I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust. [3]

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