Summary: We are looking at John 3 verses 1 through 16 in this message.

"From the Fathers view"

John 3:1-3:16

The John 3 text is often spoken/preached with just focusing on the 16th verse. Now yes this is a very important scripture. However have you ever really looked at the verses prior to the 16th verse?

We notice that this is a communication between Nicodemus and Jesus. We know that Nicodemus is asking Jesus questions concerning salvation.

Within this communication Jesus answers the question that Nicodemus had. Also, we can also conclude the following concerning this text:

1. God wants his children to feel comfortable asking him questions.

(a). A father should never refuse their child the gift of asking questions.

2. God wants his children to know that no matter what time, day or night that they can ask questions.

(a). A father should find it a honor and a blessing to answer their children's questions no matter when they ask.

3. God reminds us that he loves us in the 16th verse.

(a). Fathers your children should know that you love them.

"Love, peace and blessings to you all"

Pastor Matthew Cox

Gift of God Ministries

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