Summary: To show that goodness is a mark of the Spirit-Filled life.

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-Tonight, we are continuing our series on the fruit of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5:22-23

-We have looked at love, joy, peace, patience and kindness

-Tonight we are going to look at goodness

-We have chosen literal fruits to symbolize the Spiritual Fruit

-Love was symbolized by the cherry

-Joy was symbolized by the lemon

-The kiwi symbolized the fruit of peace

-The coconut symbolized the fruit of patience

-The Alpine Strawberry symbolized the fruit of kindness

-I have chosen the apple to symbolize goodness

-While good is an adjective, it looks back to an action

I. Goodness Is A Characteristic

-It is a description

A. Of God

-Psalm 25:8

-It is who God is

-He can be no other way

B. Of man

-Matthew 19:16-17

-Romans 3:10

-Now this makes it sound like man cannot be described in this way

-But, what it actually means is that man cannot be described in this way on his own

-Many try to become good on their own

-He needs the working of the Holy Spirit in his life to be described in this way

-So, man’s goodness only comes through God’s goodness

II. Goodness Is A Calling

-It is God’s will for all of us

-Ephesians 2:10

-God so much wants us to be good that He gives us helps along the way

-II Timothy 3:16-17

-Of course, the greatest help is the Holy Spirit

-Remember: We cannot make the fruit appear in our lives

-Only help create an environment for it to grow and flourish

III Goodness Is A Choice

-It is lived out in the things we choose to do

A. Serving others

-Romans 12:20-21

B. Living in holiness

-III John 11

-Let’s look at a few people in scripture described as “good”

I. Barnabbas

-Acts 11:22-24

-Good people are encouragers

II. Dorcas

-Acts 9:36

-Good people are charitable

III. Two Servants

-Matthew 25:21-23

-Good people serve the Lord

IV. Ephesian Believers

-Ephesians 5:8-9

-Good people walk in the light

-In holiness


-The fruit of the Spirit is goodness

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