Summary: Don’t leave your area of gifting, purposes and blessings because of famine .Taking action to change unfavorable situations in life is commendable. However, understand if it’s the appropriate change. Otherwise, you will be leaving Canaan going into Egypt.

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“GOD appeared to him and said, "Don’t go down to Egypt; stay where I tell you. Stay here in this land and I’ll be with you and bless you. I’m giving you and your children all these lands, fulfilling the oath that I swore to your father Abraham.” (Gen 26:2-3 MSG)

Don’t go to Egypt!

Fruitfulness is God’s command to His creatures. The God kind of fruitfulness is not conditioned by circumstances or situations. No matter what! it will happen. Once God said you are fruitful then you are fruitful. You don’t need to consult witch doctors, use juju, joining a secret society or anything so unusual to become fruitful. You don’t need to go to Egypt to be fruitful!

God doesn’t want you to become a wanderer in life. He needs you to be focused and effective in life. The reason why Moses or Joshua could not build any permanent, good and fortified structures, temples or homes is that they were not settled. They were wanderers moving towards the Promised Land. Any time they would pack their stuff and move on. Regardless of how good would be the area they would find themselves in. They had to move on,towards Canaan. God doesn’t want you to live that kind of life. A nomadic type of life, No, you will not be fruitful. When they arrived in Canaan God didn’t expect them to move on again. It was God’s promised land of milk and honey. A place God would prove Himself to them that He is their God. My Friend don’t go to Egypt!

Isaac was already living in the promised land of Canaan. However when famine struck he chose to go to Egypt. God Had promised to bless Him in the land of Canaan. God was truly blessing Him in that land. Just because of famine, Isaac thought of moving to Egypt. His first move was from Beer Lahairoi to Gerar, but his mind was destined to get to Egypt. Abraham his father had done the same in the previous famine and God allowed it. Now to Isaac God had to tell me not to go to Egypt. Why would God do that? Egypt is not God’s place of God’s blessings. It’s not a promised place of fruitfulness. It’s a good place for Egyptians but not for Isaac who must be in Canaan. Also Isaac’s going to Egypt was a famine driven choice, It wasn’t God’s directive for Him. There were no purposes for Isaac to fulfill in Egypt. There was nothing Isaac would do to glorify God in Egypt. God had to stop him, Isaac Don’t go to Egypt.

Now in life, there are things, places, decisions that we see as good but God is not in them –that’s going to Egypt. Many a times we flee from something rushing into wrong things-that’s going into Egypt. We plan of doing certain things, which God did not approve of just because we are in a tight situation-that’s going to Egypt my friend. Don’t go to Egypt if you want to be fruitful in a famine situation. Don’t act on decisions and choices that have no God’s blessings and backing. Everything you do see to it that God’s word supports it. Be fully convinced that God is saying go-ahead it’s alright. Otherwise, Don’t go to Egypt!

Egypt could be very well promising land but as long as God didn’t say go there, don’t go to Egypt. Many people are doing things they shouldn’t be doing because they have gone to Egypt without God. Many people are fruitless in life because they are in Egypt. You mustn’t go to Egypt if God is not agreeable to it. You will be fruitful in that Canaan famished land. It’s not by mighty nor by power. God said to Isaac stay there in the place I want you to be. I will be with you and bless you where you are. Your famine land may be your current place of work, your marriage, your business, your country of origin, your vehicle, and your dreams. All these may be famished (problematic, un-functioning well, etc) and not being fruitful for you now. You may think leaving them for what you think or know is a better solution. My friend it is important that you first seek God’s guidance before you go to Egypt. Don’t just go to Egypt. God is able to make you fruitful in that situation. Don’t just rush to think of moving on; ask yourself what is God saying about this? Is this not what God said I should be at, doing, etc? Why then am I having challenges? Then engage God for a fruitful solution.

No matter what you are facing in life refuse to be famine driven, Life challenges do not always indicate that you should move on to other things/areas No!, sometimes they are there to show you that even in a famine situation you can be fruitful. Refuse to be famine driven and break your marriage. Refuse to be famine driven and leave your country. Don’t be famine driven and leave your purposes in life. Don’t be famine driven and end up in Egypt. Seek the presence of God in your life, ask God to bless you in your situation. We don’t run from challenges but deal with them. We don’t forsake our God given dreams, purposes and area of gifting because of hardship. No matter how challenging life is never, stop serving God. Never stop praying, studying His word and ministering. Famine or no famine God has blessed you to be fruitful. You will be fruitful amidst those unfavorable situations.

Don’t go to Egypt!

God bless you

Watch out for 3 of 15 – ‘Multiplication through your seeds!’

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