Summary: This is a light and comforting message for an extremely touchy and painful situation. Wouldn’t it be great if no pastor ever needed this message.

There’s a song by the Los Lonely Boys that asks a question.


To us who drive in our cars, and go to our jobs- it seems really far away

_______ learned Friday, that it’s not really as far as we think.

_________ was a beautiful baby. Who squealed instead of talked

Friday she found out what it was like to talk to the creator of all things

__________ was a baby, who loved to hear her daddy sing her to sleep.

Friday she found out what it’s like for angels to sing to you

And what it feels like to sing praises non stop.

__________ didn’t live enough to walk to school

Friday she found out what it’s like to dance

In times like these when babies go home to be with the Lord,

Many wonder, “Where was God in a time like this?”

I know where he was. He was in Heaven with His arms open,

Welcoming baby _________

I’ve always heard the saying,

“God just took them home”

Looked whole bible- “Can’t back that up”

The Bible says Satan come to steal kill and destroy

SO in these times when many may wonder,

has God forsaken us.

God answers with a soft, “NO MY CHILD”

Bad things happen, but I serve a God that brings good from bad.

Romans 8:28 We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him.(the message)

From this tragic loss, you will see God bring good from it.

God’s so good at bringing good from bad, we think He brought the bad

Many in this world thinks it’s alright to bury a 95 year old, but not a 4 month old

How silly are we, to think that how much time someone spend here

Means they’ve accomplished something valuable, or that it’s their time to go

I guarantee you on _________, 2005-

When ________ went home to be God, She had lived more than many that live to be 100

She had experience the love of her brother -

Who somehow could communicate to her- in their own language

She had experienced the love of a mom and dad

Who cared for her like parents should

She had experienced the care of grandparents

That spoiled her rotten and gave her more that asked for

Many die old and never experience any of that

But not _________-

Jeremiah 1: 5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew [a] you, before you were born I set you apart;

So God gave ______ to this family for a time-

She was taken- But you knew her

And God have this family to _______-

So she could know what true love was all about

So today we celebrate a life that knew- joy love peace and happiness

And now she gets to experience those emotions forever

She never knew heartache, pain, suffering.- She won’t in Heaven either

Good job, preparing her for Heaven

How far is Heaven?

I don’t know. – But _________’s waiting on us.

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