Summary: Funeral for a Christian man.

2 COR 5:1-5


ILLUSTRATION: When John Owen, the great Puritan, lay on his deathbed his secretary wrote (in his name) to a friend, "I am still in the land of the living." "Stop," said Owen. "Change that and say, I am yet in the land of the dying, but I hope soon to be in the land of the living." (Death, John M. Drescher, In Pulpit Digest Summer 1985)

This morning Bob can say along with John Owens that he has left the land of the dying and is now in the land of the living. He, along with John Owens and the many saints that have gone on before him, are there worshiping at the feet of Jesus Christ.

A funeral and the burial that goes with it is a vital part in the process of mourning isn’t it? It provides a sense of finality that’s important in coming to terms with loss. You often hear about people who have been lost and assumed dead but their bodies are never found. And their families find it so hard to come to terms with their grief. It’s only when the body is found and they can have a funeral and the person is buried that they can finally begin to deal with their loss and move on. So for us, our dying and being buried with Christ means we’re finally freed from the power of sin. That’s what happened to Jesus when He died. He was freed from the power of sin and death. That’s why he rose again, because death had no hold over him. And he takes us into his death so we too can be freed from the power of sin and death. But we need to take hold of that fact. We need to make it a daily reality in our lives.

Bob did. That why this morning we gather. This morning we have gathered to say goodbye to Bob Millar, but we have also gathered this morning to celebrate Bobs life since he was a believer in Jesus Christ.

I. Bob’s Earthly Loves

A. He loved the Navy.

1. 23 years - served primarily on the flight deck landing/launching planes.

2. Stationed at Norfolk, Va; San Diego, Ca; Memphis, TN

3. Gave his two kids tours of the ship he served on.

4. Joined out of High School and retired as a Lt. Commander.

B. He loved his country and flying the American Flag.

C. He loved Pensacola, Fla. “ The home of Naval Aviation”.

D. Bob loved being on time, punctual. Things for Bob happened on time.

E. Most of all he loved his family.

1. Rarely missed family events.

2. Devoted husband.

a. He was married to his first wife Mary for 45 years. Stood by her

thru cancer and took care of her.

b. He was married to Faye for 13 years. Did everything together.

i. Got to know each other at Mac’s retirement party.

ii. Played dominoes – after they were married they drove to Lawton from Burk and Wichita Falls just to play with their Lawton friends. Fit right in.

iii. Loved her children like they were his.

3. Great Father.

a. Always said he was proud of his family.

b. Treated his son-in-law and daughter-in-law like they were his own children.

c. Never gave his children the answer they wanted, guided them to the right answer.

4. Wonderful Grandfather.

His grandchildren – no one more important in his life.

a. He had candy on the counter for them when they arrived.

b. Only missed one special event for any of his grandkids and this was because of his own illness.

c. Bragging and talking about them.

d. Just spending time with them.

II. A Christian man 1 John 5:12

12 He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.

A. Because of the fact that Bob accepted JC as his savior, today’s service is a celebration of a life well lived.

B. Because of the fact that Bob accepted JC as his savior, his family can rest easy knowing that he is now worshipping at JC’s feet.

C. Because of the fact that Bob accepted JC as his savior, JC was magnified in his life.

1. He used to get up long before dawn just to pray. Would pray for hours for everyone else but himself.

2. Set a wonderful example of being a Christian man.

3. He always treated others with respect.

III. Gospel message 2 Cor 5:1-5

On his eightieth birthday, John Quincy Adams was walking slowly along a Boston street. A friend asked him "How is John Quincy Adams today?" The former president replied graciously, "Thank you, John Quincy Adams is well, sir, quite well, I thank you. But the house in which he lives at present is becoming dilapidated. It is tottering upon the foundations. Time and the seasons have nearly destroyed it. Its roof is pretty well worn out, its walls are shattered, and it trembles with every wind. The old tenement is becoming almost uninhabitable, and I think John Quincy Adams will have to move out of it soon; but he himself is quite well, sir, quite well." That is the attitude we need to cultivate so that when the call home comes we may say with Paul: "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

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