Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: "You can’t say anything nice about Helen - everyone will know you are lying", was the first thing the family said as we sat down to discuss the funeral.

(Note to reader: This was one of the most unusual graveside ceremonies I have ever attempted. There was a very large group at this graveside funeral, and most who were there were there not because they loved the deceased, but because she had ruined them. Bitter people. It turns out, just saying it like it is, shocked many people into reevaluating their hearts and seeking to not end up like Helen, but to explore forgiveness and peace in their lives. May Jesus bless you in the preparation of your funeral service. - Peter)

We may have come here to say our last good byes to

Helen, a wife, a mother, a sister, a coworker, a friend.

But this is not the end

We who are Christians know,

we know that there is eternal life.

We are all here to celebrate Helen’s life.

Sometimes a stubborn woman

Sometimes a difficult woman

Sometimes a demanding woman

Sometimes downright unpleasant -

...and yet, we loved her, didn’t we?

(Helen by they way demanded a very short ceremony)

Well, she made it back to home didn’t she? Back to the place she loved.

Living in Virginia, I would bet that everyone knew she was from Texas, who else would have a pink cadillac. She brought up San Antonio any time she could. It was amazing how many things she could claim are from San Antonio. You have to give it to her for her creativity.

Working Texas trails on the River Walk for almost 30 years, she placed her mark on the art community in South Texas giving many an artist a chance and a start to their careers

Helen was who she was - you had to accept that.

Helen wouldn’t change - though we sure tried to change her didn’t we?

Behind it all, I think she was searching for peace in her life.

Helen could not find peace during her life here on earth. We could all see that. Yet, it is possible to find peace here on earth - I am sorry Helen couldn’t see that. But for you and I standing here today, we can find forgiveness, we can find new life, we can find peace.

The person of Jesus Christ will bring us peace. Jesus is able to take all that inner turmoil and all those things that keep you awake at night and remove them from your life. Jesus offers us a forgiveness that is so deep, not only are we set free, but we are also able to forgive others who have done us great harm.

How do we obtain this peace and forgiveness?

We come to Jesus Christ and first ask for forgiveness of our own sin - the wrongs we have done to others in our life - Then we ask Jesus to take over our life and enter into our life, and He will do as we ask and bring us a lasting peace.

Now, I have gone on much longer than Helen would have wanted, still, I think Helen would hope that you are able to find the peace she never found.


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