Summary: The soilders played games at the foot of the cross and we are so quick to judge them but do not we do the same thing?

A song from an Easter musical which spoke to the truth: "Playing Games at the foot of the Cross" The soilders played a game of chance-we are so quick to judge them-but do not we do the same thing?

The Israelites ate, drank and rose up to play- I Corinthians calls it "idolatry"

Do church folks still play games?

If they do what are the games they play?


Played by oneself-"solitarily" that’s where it get its name. Many church members love to play this game- at home/ by themselves


"Trivial"-of little importance-for many Christians their relationship with Jesus-their prayer life-their Bible study is a trivial pursuit-for many leaders their area of responsibility is a trivial pursuit- deacons, Sunday school teacher, etc.


"Acting out- Playing a role"

"A Christian ought to act like a Christian"


The object of this game is "exclucive control" the more of the board that you control the greater the likelihood that you will win- Some church members/ pastors want to play this game-JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE DESERVING YO HAVE EXCLUSIVE CONTROL OF THE CHURCH BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS DIED FOR IT.


Among the biological and/or the spiritual family


A lot of lost people to include church members try to see how close they can get to the grave before they trust Jesus.


Children playing church decided to play the Jesus game-little boy was selected to be Jesus and that was find until they started to beat him.Them he wanted to go back to playing the Church game. Church is achild’s game -somebody leads the singing-somebody preaches-everybody has a good time-somebody even get "saved"- they all go home unchanged- never trusting God

EX: The Duck Church

Choir lead by the choir conDUCKtor-sang I’ll Fly Away

Soloist sang using ’canned music’(duct tape) Pastor concerned about congregation because all members of the Duck Church walked everywhere they went-so he preached a three point sermon 1) We are Ducks; 2) Ducks have wings; 3) Ducks can fly-but they all walked home

Conclusion: Are we guilty of playing games? CHURCH? What would happen differently if Jesus did not show up at Church this Sunday?

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James Walker

commented on Mar 15, 2008

Great insight, and the thinking is left up to us.

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