Summary: You are protected with the Various garments, until Devil strips those away from you, he can not harm you.

Garments – Luke 10:30 A certain man was going from Jerusalem down to Jericho, and he fell among robbers, who stripped him of his clothes and belongings and beat him and went their way, [ unconcernedly] leaving him half dead, as it happened.

Devil cannot touch you until he strip you from the garments you have.

A. A certain man.

In this story there is no name mentioned, this means it is you and me, it could be you my friend. You belong to god. You should not go to Jericho while you are in Jerusalem.

B. He went down to Jericho.

The path from Jerusalem to Jericho is DOWNWARD. Our life should be going up not going down. Every day God expect us to go higher and higher in our spiritual walk.

C. This morning I would like to focus on what this thief did to this man. You are protected every day by various garments of God. These are valuable garments. It cost God a lot to give you this garment. Satan wants to take that away from you. Then only he can beat you. Theses are the garments, which Satan wants to remove from you.

1. Royal garments, Psalm 45:14–15.- Adam and Eve

Devil replaced the glory of God with fig leaves-

The animal garments with which God later clothed them Gen. 3:21

2. Sackcloth, Isaiah 3:24.- Mordekai –

Haman do not want you to put the sack cloth – because he knows that if you put the sackcloth there will be deliverance.

3. Clothed with righteousness, Isaiah 11:5

High priest Joshua

4. faithfulness, Isaiah 11:5

Joseph – Pothipher’s wife tried to took that off – but just got a hold of it

5. Garments of salvation, Isaiah 61:10.

Prodigal son came back and the Father put this on him.

6. Garment for wedding, Matthew 22:11.

Provided for the wedding of the Lamb of God.

7. Robes washed white, Revelation 7:14.

No more dirt from the world. The white robes of those martyred during the Tribulation Rev. 6:11; 7:9 in the middle of the tribulation there is a white robe put on you by Jesus Christ. Give you victory, strength and courage to overcome the battle. This tribulation will also be over. Garment of victory

8. Garment of praise. Isa 61:3.

Protection form the enemy

9. The garments of the high priest of Israel Exod. 28:4–43; 39:1–31; Lev. 8:7–9; 16:4 for the service in the temple.

10. The garment with which Boaz covered Ruth Ruth 3:9

Redemption – the proof that you are redeemed.

11. The robe given to David by Jonathan to seal their friendship covenant

1 Sam. 18:4 – Remind you of the covenant.

12. The beautiful linen robe David wore when he carried the Ark of God to Jerusalem (Worship) 1 Chron. 15:27 – You need to remove your proud, position and palace when you come to the presence of god. Michel will not like it. But do not loose that garment. Devil can not touch you when you have this garment.

13. The many-colored coat of Joseph Gen. 37:3, 31–32

Spiritual gifts – vision – Brothers got jealous. Devil tried to take that from him,. Outwardly they did, but from his heart they could not kill that dream.

That garment want just an outward sign that he was different.

. 14. The robe given to the returning Prodigal Son by his father Luke 15:22

Sonship – you are not a servant here in my house you are my son

15. Elijah cam to Elisha and place his mantle on him.

His security, protection and higher calling.

No matter what happen to your life, may be you are walking toward Jericho in your spiritual walk. Do not allow the enemy to touch those garments. Protect those garments, walk close to Jesus. Stay in Jerusalem, Get fellowship, and spend time in prayer. Satan wants to remove those garments then he can wound you. The ultimate aim is to kill you.

He cannot kill you. You belong to God.

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