Summary: The church needs to have as much anguish for the lost as Christ

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I. The church needs to regain its anguish for the lost. (v.31-36)

- This is a word you do not really hear much use of in our churches today

- Anguish!

- What interferes with our anguish

1. Narcissism

2. Lack of prayer-instead of praying over things in the church that bother us we gossip and backbite because:

a. We do not have scripture to back up our complaint

b. We do want to face the conviction of God when we are wrong.

3. Clichés- we feel free to be over critical of everyone else but those who are in our clichés because we are not intimate with them.

4. Critical spirit-willingness to tear down everything that is not your way or preference. Some people cannot tell the difference between what a personal preference is and what a move of the God is. Sometimes we want think they are the same when they are not.

5. Pride-it has to be 100% my way or I am leaving

6. Jesus is no longer your first love

7. Rom_3:18 there is no fear of God before their eyes.

- If you leave your church and find a perfect church don’t go there. If you do you will mess it up.

II. God has prepared hearts to receive us. (v. 37a)

- Jesus saw the crowds everywhere He went.

- The crowds were neglected and in need of being reached with the gospel

- The crowds were ready to be reached

- That is why Jesus had an anguish for them

- Matthew 10:14 Jesus said to knock the dust off your feet when you are rejected

- For these people Jesus anguished.

- There was no knocking off the dust

- Their hearts were ready

III. Delay in Gathering the Harvest is just not necessary. (37b-38)

- Why were these people left to themselves?

- Because the religious people were too self-involved in trying to protect their own little world in their religious circles.

- When we are to self-involved in our own lives

- We leave no time for the lost

- If there is no time for the lost then we are doing something wrong.

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