Summary: This is the perfect planet for life by God’s design.


1.John Klu-ge, once listed as the wealthiest man in America, who built an investment in a radio station into a broadcasting empire that was the forerunner to Fox Television, has died. He was 95.

In 1989, 1990 and 1991 Klu-ge was labeled the wealthiest man in America, with a net worth of more than $5 billion. Microsoft’s Bill Gates knocked him off the top spot in 1992, but Klu-ge was still listed by Forbes as the 35th richest American in 2009 with an estimated net worth of $6.5 billion.

In 2001, Kluge gave his 7,400-acre estate, including historic Morven Farm, 10 working farms and more than two dozen houses and modernized farm buildings, to the University of Virginia. The estate was valued at more than $45 million.

University President Teresa Sullivan said in a statement. "He was one of the most charming and engaging individuals I have ever met. I was struck by his keen mind, his inquisitive nature and his extraordinary commitment to higher education...John Klu-ge was a rare visionary whose interests spanned the arts, aid for minority students and innovative health care and who used his many gifts to help make the world a better place."

2. Funny here is a generous man who is said to have made the world a better place, gave away many homes...and yet, the One who made this entire planet - and that for a home for mankind, is rarely, if ever even mention today!

3. Special Existence of planet earth.

Trans: Gen. 1:2


"Note that the focus now centers upon the earth. The earth is to be the primary concern of man, for the earth is man’s primary home, and man is responsible for caring and looking after the earth, for subduing it (Genesis 1:28). Therefore, the Scripture now focuses upon the earth, the primary dwelling place of man, the primary place for which man is responsible." [Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible - Commentary - The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible]


"God wanted and planned the creation of human beings upon whom He could shower His goodness and grace, a creature who could freely choose to love, worship, serve, and fellowship with Him.

Man would naturally be the last thing that God would create. Why? Because man would need a number of things to sustain his life, and these would need to exist before man was created.

God knew that man would need light, he could not survive in total darkness, and that is why God created light...

Man needed air, a space to live, ground to walk on, he could not live on a planet covered with water - so God made an expanse and put the water in to certain places so land could appear...

Man would need food to eat, so vegatation, fruit trees were provided...

God knew that man would need lights upon earth (sun, moon, and stars) to govern their lives and their seasons, their days and their years, and to give variety and beauty to the universe.

God knew that man would need warmth and beauty and yes, even animal to serve him as he exercised dominion...

Dr. Seth Shostak, an astronomer with the SETI Institute, points out in his course "The Search for Intelligent Life in Space" what conditions favor the development of life in the universe:

"The system’s star ("sun") must not be a giant star, because these burn out too quickly before life can fully develop.

The system’s star must not be a dwarf star, because such a star locks in the close planets, meaning "one side of the planet forever faces its sun, resulting in horrific weather and unlikely venues for life."

The system’s star cannot be a double star, because the unusual gravitational forces created by a double-star sun might not allow stable planetary systems.

The system’s star must not be a young star, because stars less than 1 billion years old have not had enough time, so astronomers think, for life to develop.

Ideally, the planet would have a large moon, which creates active tides.

The planet should have tectonic activity, which causes metals to be pushed up to the surface, since metals are valuable to technological civilization.

The planet should have a large planet farther out in its solar system, which by its great gravitational pull cleans the inner solar system of deadly asteroids and comets.

The planet should not have a highly elliptical orbit, which is unsuitable for incubating life.

For life to live on the surface, the planet must have an atmosphere. "Very small planets lose their air, and very large planets tend to sport poisonous atmosphere. Earth-sized planets are ideal."

And it just so happens that all these conditions fit our earth!" This is the only planet which is specifically designed for human life!

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