6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Genesis verse-by-verse

Genesis 3

Over the last couple weeks we’ve seen the beginnings of God’s creation take shape. Out of nothing God created a universe. Something that had never existed before. There was no precedent for this. But our omnipotent God designed and created everything that exists.

On the first day He created a ‘space’ that would contain the rest of His creation. He then made a formless earth and a light dispel the darkness.

The second day the sky over the earth takes shape as the Lord made the firmament to be a protective shield that encapsulated His creation.

The third day the Lord made the seas and the land and all the vegetation that would cover the dry land that He had made.

Then on the fourth day God made all of the celestial bodies in space – the sun, moon and stars.

But God wasn’t done yet. Now that the earth and the solar system were in place, it was time to bring some life into the picture. So on the fifth day God started filling the earth with thousands of different creatures that would fill the skies and the seas with life. On the fifth day:

I. God created the fish and the fowl

[Read Genesis 1:20-23.]

When God created the sea life and the birds the earth was abuzz with activity and life. Fish swimming, eagles flying, dolphins jumping, mockingbirds singing. It must have been quite a sight. Especially since the Lord made so many different kinds of fish and fowl.

Now we don’t know exactly how many species of birds and fish He made, and how many species have dies out since then, but we do know this. Currently, it’s estimated that there’s 10,000 species of birds and 30,000 species of fish alive on the earth right now. And every species unique in some way – that’s why they’re called a species.

So much creativity the Lord has. If I was creating birds and fish I might have only made a few species.

Turkey – thanksgiving Bluebirds – blue

Chicken – eggs Bass - fun to catch

Eagles – cool Dolphins – fun to watch

Mockingbirds – songs Snapper – fun to eat

Pigeons, Geese, jellyfish, and sharks probably wouldn’t have made the cut for obvious reasons. But God made so many different birds and fish! God created all bird life and sea life – even the sea monsters or sea dinosaurs like the plesiosaur which we find in the fossil record. As Moses wrote about the sea monsters, I think his immediate readers understood exactly what he was talking about. After all, Job and David both mention dinosaurs that roamed the earth.

[Mention Job 40-41 and Psalm 104. Read Job 40:15-41:1.]

Job and David mention sea and land dinos as a display of the Lord’s mighty power – just like Moses does as he mentions them specifically on the fifth and sixth day of creation.

[Read Genesis 1:21a.]

So the seas and the skies are now full of life. It’s time to fill the land as well. On the sixth day:

II. God created animals, insects and reptiles

[Read Genesis 1:24-25.]

Cattle – livestock

Creeping things – insects and reptiles

Beasts – other animals

Again, there are thousands and thousand of different species of life that walk the land. Too many to even count or keep track of. But God made them all.

And to think that some people espouse the theory that billions of years ago the earth, that accidentally came into existence, was covered with a primordial ooze that had a few single-cell organism floating around in it. That single-cell organism then sprouted a brain that began to think and to want more. “I want to swim !” So soon it developed fins. “I want to walk!” “Walk where?” “I don’t know, but I want to walk!” So the fins turned into legs. Soon, the walking brain found some land and decided it wanted to roar, so it turned into a dinosaur. The dinosaur then wanted to fly. I don’t know why he wanted to fly, perhaps he’ll die. Some of the dinos turned into birds, some turned into monkeys, (the ones afraid of height). And the monkeys turned into us. How quaint.

No. The Lord made every living creature that inhabits the earth. But He wasn’t finished yet. His greatest creation would also be made on the sixth day. So after God made the animals:

II. God created man

God had created this perfect world in this perfect universe. A world that was alive with

water, with vegetation, with birds, with sea life and with all kinds of animals. A world that could actually sustain itself in this perfect environment that the Lord had made. But it was a world that needed more. A world that God decided need man.

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