Summary: The first 11 chapters of the Bible are unbelievable to the skeptic and If we can't explain chapters 1-11 of Genesis how will we ever get anyone to believe the rest of the Bible as truth? Learner notes are available

This Bible study includes a handout for the learner and is designed to make us think about what we read in the first eleven chapters of Genesis. These chapters are so controversial that the skeptic can't get past them, in order to believe the rest of Scripture.

[slide 1]The Bible begins clear evidence and a strong argument for the existence of God: True or false?

Before I give you an opportunity to answer this statement I want us to look closely at Scripture.

{slide 2}[Gen 1:1 NIV]“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

What are the first four words in Genesis 1: 1?[slide 3]In the beginning God;

What do you notice about the way the Bible starts out as compared to any other book you may have read? [slide 4]There is no introduction. [HOLD SLIDE]

Most quality books begin with some kind of introduction to tell you what the book is about, even if you fail to read it it’s there. We call it the forward, the introduction or even the preface. Some books will use a page or the back cover of the book to tell us a little something about the author, so that we know he/she are real people and not some make believe character.

Since Genesis is called “The first book of Moses” we need to examine how it starts out.

What does Genesis 1:1 say about God? Look at the first five words:

[slide 5]In the beginning God; did something. What did He do?

__Wrote a new love song.

__Performed a new dance.

__Told all about Himself, all that He could do and all His accomplishments.

__None of the above

[slide 6]If you chose none of the above; what did God do, in the beginning?

[slide 7]He Created. What did He create?

[slide 8]The heavens and the earth.

[slide 9]If you look at this verse from a perspective of someone who desire to know more than just what lies on the surface then you begin to see that Genesis neverargues for the existence of God.

[slide 10]Genesis assumes that God exist.

[slide 11]In a court of Law the attorneys do what we call argue their case. In doing so they must present the evidence to the court to prove either the guilt or innocence of the person on trial.HOLD SLIDE

Let’s say that you are walking down the street and you walk up on a purse lying on the ground. You pick it up and begin to go through it, innocently looking for something with owner’s information. Suddenly a police car screams up, light and sirens blaring and an officer jumps out and yells; “Drop the purse and put your hands up! DON”T YOU MOVE! What evidence does the police have? Just the purse, in your hand. You might think that’s pretty flimsy evidence but all the policeman knows is that the purse was stolen and you have it.

Let’s go to the courtroom and see what happens.

Your attorney comes in and begins to give a brief introduction of himself and why he believes you are innocent. The prosecuting attorney introduces himself and tells why he believes you should be found guilty. The jury doesn’t know you from the Easter bunny so your attorney tells them a little of who you are, where you’re from and what you do.

[slide 12]Why would he do this?

__To slow down the trial and keep you from prison as long as possible.

__To let the jury know a little about you so they can better determine your guilt or innocence.

What is the evidence that the prosecutor has to prove your guilt?[slide 13]

__He personally saw me steal the purse.

__I look like the kind of person that would steal a purse

__The police caught me with purse in my hand.

[slide 14]Your attorney needs to present a strong argument if he is going to get you off. What could he do to prove your innocence? What do you think? [share your ideas]

What else could he do?[slide 15]

__He could bring the officers in and ask them if they saw me steal the purse.

__He could present video evidence from the scene of the crime to prove that I was not there.

__He could ask the person the purse was stolen from if I looked like the purse snatcher.

__ All of the above and more.

Let’s say that the defense attorney shows the video from the crime scene and the purse snatcher’s face can’t be seen. Uh Oh, this could be trouble except for the fact that you are 4’ nothing and the thief is 7’ 280lbs. That alone should be enough to get prove your case.

[slide 16]When we look at the beginning of the Bible we see no one making a case for the existence of God. Why?

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