Summary: A look at how God brings things together.

Randall LaVere II

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Get it together

Read Ezekiel Ch. 37 V 1-10 & Pray

V.3 – explain -”I don’t know”

Have you ever gone through any thing in life where you were just like, Where are we going?

We always feel like that we have to have an answer.

But there are some things that we do go through that are so bad, that you want to have faith, and you do have faith, but you say Lord I don’t know. You know how this is going to end up, You know where you are taking me, but I don’t know.

Ex. Riding with someone

Ex. Riding with God

Some times he takes a big U turn, just when you thought that everything was going just fine. Comfortable. & he just whips us totally around so fast that we get whiplash.

When read in the text this is a great story.

This message is a vision that is given to Ezekiel by the spirit of the Lord. He gets taken to a valley that is full of dry bones. They are scattered and very dry. The spirit caused him to pass by them round about. From every perspective. He says there were very many, and they were very dry.

And the Lord asked him, Son of man, Can these bones live? Ezekiel answered, O Lord God, thou knowest. I don’t know, but you do. God then tells Ezekiel to Prophecy to the dry bones. ( Or in other words to speak to the bones) V. 6 says So I prophecied as I was commanded. Then ther was a noise, and a shaking. ( I think that the shaking was somewhat like an earth quake or something along those lines.) And then the Bones came together, and the muscles, and joints, and e flesh began to cover the bones.

But there was still no life in the bodies. Then the Lord told him to prophecy to the wind, and say “ Thus saieth the Lord God” Come breathe on these slain, that they may live. So he did as he was told and the breath came into the bodies, and they lived and stood upon there feet, as a great army.

This story in the Bible is a symbolic vision given to Ezekiel from God. It is a vision about what was going to happen to the nation of Israel. The Valley was the Land of Israel, and the bones were the people of Israel that were dead in there sins, and scattered about through the Land, unto even the four quarters of the world. That they were wanderers without a country until 1948. They are regathered into their homeland, and stood upon their feet as a great army.

So the things that we, or our parents, and grandparents have seen come to pass in the past 50 to 60 years in the Land of Israel were given to the prophet Ezekiel thousands of years ago. We realize as we read on down a few chapters that God is not just giving this message for Ezekiel, that he is giving it to the whole nation of Israel. God is a big God. He literally speaks to thousands of people in a vision to 1 man. He speaks to the whole nation about their destination in life.

We being in Christ, the church are to embrace the word of God. And throughout the years through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit have taken this story and applied it to our every day lives. That is what the Bible is for to be applied to our lives every day. I know that a lot of us in here have heard this story preached many times. I know that I have.

But very few of us actually know what the story means. And I know that we have all heard the songs that go along with it “ Them bones, them bones them Dry bones, them bones them bones them Dry bones” Or maybe weve heard Dry bones in the valley wait and ye shall live” We have heard it preached but we didn’t even know what it meant. All that we know is that it sounded good, and it felt good.

I’ve tried to explain the vision that was given to Ezekiel, and I hope that someone is getting something from this, but now I’ll try and explain how that we can apply it to our everyday lives.

Ephesians ch. 4 v. 4 says The church is one body, and one spirit. And in a body we have to have structure. If we look at our bodies the bones provide that structure. In order for our structure to stand we have to be connected. Romans 12:4 says that we have many members in one body. So being many we are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

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