Summary: Many people have been taken by King Nebucadnezzar in their lives and at any one given time in a Babylonian situation. Learn how to get out because you dont just check out just like that. there are steps!

Lord Almighty Father grant us the serenity to hear your word this day, undiluted, uncompromised without favour, but with the full conviction of your desire to set us free In Jesus Name we pray.Amen.

Many a time the children of Israel would find themselves besieged by enemies and taken captive. So can you find yourself in captivity at any given time in your life, besieged by the enemy. So some children of the Israelites found themselves in Babylon! Let me tell you my friend Nebucadnezzar came and he still comes today. Today the Babylon is no longer an ancient city burried somewhere in the middle East, but it is a situation which makes your life uncomfortable.

If you are sick today with some desease thats your Babylon. If you are poor and you cant make ends meet in life , thats your Babylon. Maybe you are a mother and hubby didnt come home last night and you still love him but he is behaving unfaithful, mummy thats your Babylon. Maybe you are a father and you are failing to support your family, provide even with the basic essentials, though you work hard every day you cant meet all the needs of the family, Daddy thats your Babylon.Maybe you are a family and and death always visit a family member on a yearly basis, hey thats your Babylon.Maybe sister your desire is to get married and live happily with your husband but it seems no man is interested in you, when any man comes near you the next moment he has run away, seems like you are smelling, sissy thats your Babylon.Youngman maybe you wish to get married but you date this girl and by the time you start making plans some big short comes from nowhere and snap your beautiful one is gone, son thats your Babylon.Pastor maybe you preach and teach the word of God, you offer all pastoral services but the community seems not to appreciate and the people prefer to remain in sin but you preach the gospel of salvation but people dont want to repent, Pastor thats your Babylon! Students maybe you are studying very hard for those exams but something in you keep saying thats not it , you’ll never make it and you are worried stiff, thats your Babylon. Brothers Babylon still lives today and ANYBODY can find himself in Babylon.

To find yourself in Babylon does not mean you have no faith, NO. Daniel , Misheck, Shadreck and Abednigo, had Higher faith.Only Nebucadnezzar doesnt care, he can take you there anytime!You may think there is something wrong with you or maybe you have a weakness, NO! To the contrary its the opposite , there is something good with you, only Nebucadnzzar comes!And when he comes he takes the best. He wants (Dan1v3-4)God’s children and prophets and pastors and evangelists and ministers and children of God.Those 1.without blemish- those that are righteous in with God and are washed by the blood of Jesus 2.Well-favored- those that God has declared His like Job. 3. Skillful in wisdom- those that understand the word of God able to interpret it and live it. 4.cunning in knowledge-those that exercise authority by the power of Jesus Christ and can cast out demons, heal the sick, preach and prophesy. 5.Understanding science- thats physical science, to help invent weapons of mass destruction and hell-visions(Tvs and movies). 6.Trainable to become political leaders especially autocrats and dictators, and evil presidents. 7.speak in tounges.My friend that simply describes you! Nebucadnezzar is seeking for you day and night, to bring you to Babylon!you see anybody at one time or the other can find himself in Babylon.

Now I’m going to tell you how you get out of Babylon because you dont just check out at pleasure willy-nilly there are steps to be taken.

ONE: Dont accept their food! It’s offered food and it’s anointed to weaken you. The devil can offer you a wife, refuse! he can offer you a car, refuse!he can offer you wealth , refuse!he can offer you all the pleasures of this world , refuse! he will tel you you are being trained to become perfect, yes it’s true you become a perfect candidate for HELL! Daniel, Misheck Shadreck and Abedigo refused.Dont eat what the devil gives you, never drink wine or strong drink but be filled with the Holy Ghost in whom you are SEALED. Dont eat all those Halal meats, they are offered! The bible says you will be fairer than those will eat that trash!

TWO: Dont allow the devil to set terms, you would rather die than agree to his terms, in any case you will die anyway. If he tries to kill you by fire, our Lord becomes the consuming fire, He will teach the fire that there are some who can not be burned, if he tries to feed you to the lions, our Lord is the Lion of Judah, he will show them that some can not be eaten by hungry lions, if he tries to throw you into the water God will show that the fish can not contain some of the people in its belly! Oh my, you people are just incredible! The Lord God is a mighty Warrior! You are conquerors through Christ our Lord and Saviur.

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