Summary: Message on trying to have faith to get out of the boat and keep our eyes on Christ even when the storm of life is crashing all around us.

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Getting out of the boat

Right after the feeding of the 5,000

Matthew 14:22-32

1. Get out of the boat(26-29)

• Waves are crashing and the boat is in danger of sinking. The disciples are scared it is a ghost but Peter took a leap of faith and trusted God in protecting him.

• We all face challenges and trials where we have to trust someone to protect us.

• Pincove-(girl hurt back, would not trust me even though I was trained. We have to take a chance with God that he knows what is best for us and we should just go.)

• When we expect great things of God, then we can attempt great things for God

2. Ignore the waves(30)

• even though peter trusted Christ by taking the leap, as he walked the waves and his fear and doubt distracted him and he began to sink.

• He took his eyes off of Christ and he let other things distract him.

• We all have things in our lives that distract us from having faith in God.

• We need to trust in him. After we step out of the boat we need to ignore all of the things satan will use to stop us from succeeding and fight for our God.

3. Keep your eyes on Christ(31-32)

• Peter lost his faith and had to cry out to Christ for help.

• We will all have times where we will fail God and may lose trust in Him.

• We have to keep looking to God for help through all of our times no matter how bad they may be.

• Peter had the shortest and best prayer when he was failing. Lord, save me!

• When we fail we need to cry out for God to save us. And God will reach his hand down and pick us up from our struggles.

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