Summary: Emotional people make big mistakes when they base decisions on how they feel rather than obeying God and what they know is the right thing to do. We have to learn how to live beyond our feelings and do what is right even when we feel we have been wronged.

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This past week FBC was honored to host the 121st Annual Session of the Oklahoma Missionary Baptist State Convention. I want to thank all those that worked tirelessly not only during the convention but the weeks leading up to the event over the course of the year. I don’t want to start naming and thanking those that worked less I forget someone. Let me say thank you FBC we set the bar high for years to come.

I must admit it was not an easy process pulling together all the details leading to this successful Convention. I must admit there were times I was aggravated along the way and had to catch myself to ensure I did not take my eyes off of Christ and Him glorified versus how I felt along the way. Sometimes we Christians are not the nicest bunch to work with. I had to catch myself as well as motivate others along the way and they too had to motivate me every now and then.

As I prepare messages the Lord has given me to bless this Church and help us in our Spiritual Development, the Lord sends me a message that is more for me than for the congregation. This morning will be one of those messages, more for me although I am sure it will help you as well.

Would you agree with me that people live by their feelings more than anything else much of the time? I believe this is true because if you listen, you’ll hear people talk about how they feel more than just about anything else.

• I wonder sometimes if we are serving the god of our feelings more than the God of the Bible

Emotional people make big mistakes when they base decisions on how they feel rather than obeying God and what they know is the right thing to do. We have to learn how to live beyond our feelings and do what’s right even when we feel we have been wronged.

Oftentimes I am asked “How I feel about something going on in the Church or District, or even State Convention.” My response is usually misunderstood or misinterpreted. Some say Pastor Lawson does not listen or just wants to do what he wants to do. I believe some feel that way because they are after an emotional response from me, usually that is what the questioner is after.

• I try my best to not allow my emotions to influence our direction

• I decided a long time ago to follow God’s will for my life and not let my feelings dictate what I do or how I respond

• I have learned to let what the Bible says dictate my decisions

• I have set my mind to be a Blessing

• I have set my mind to walk in Love

• I have set my mind to make right choices that honor God and keep me in His will for my life

Think about it - How often do you say -- “I FEEL LIKE…” OR “I DON’T FEEL LIKE…” and then do what you feel?

• Do your feelings dictate how you treat people?

• Do your feelings dictate what you say?

• Do your feelings dictate how you run your life?

You may be thinking, Well, I can’t help how I feel! I agree. Let me be honest and transparent with you this morning. I can’t help how I feel at times and I’m not going to pretend I’m so holy I don’t feel anything.

• Emotions won’t go away

• We must learn how to manage our emotions and not let our emotions manage us

We spend too much time as Christians caught up in our feelings. I have learned whenever you get caught up in your Feelings, it makes life unplesant and all of a sudden everything around you that you used to enjoy you don’t enjoy any longer because you are caught up in your feelings.

• Our feelings want us to hold on to them tightly

• Our feelings want us to have a serious relationship between our feelings and our attitude

Stopped by to tell you this morning Children of God – GET OUT OF YOUR FEELINGS. We miss out on many of God’s Blessings because we cannot see past our Emotions and our Feelings. We all know that person we encounter, perhaps a family member that is overly sensitive about everything.

• Sensitivity is a wonderful thing as long as it is not misdirected

• We should be sensitive to the Physical and Spiritual needs of others

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