Summary: Victory, Vision and Value

The Value of Vision:

We wanted to share these nuggets and powerful truths with you. Life changing truths that can propel you forward into your God purposes and God Destiny. It's a new day, but are we ready to enter in? Moses led Israel, but then Moses died. Joshua became the leader of a transition that led them into the promises of God. Are you ready for momentum and increase?

Vision is a mental picture, internal photograph of your future that will mold your present. Momentum is because of a move, a velocity. To go or to pass from one position to another. What would take ten years will take minutes in God...revelation that will launch you into movement and manifestation of power and glory.

Miracles happen when there is movement and momentum. You must have movement and not simply pass the time. The Spirit of God hovered and then God spoke and it came into being. Familiarity is fatal, but vision moves you into a fresh future. Momentum is the addendum to movement. Things have to start moving. Momentum is movement, but dreaming is just passing time.

Movement is the changing of position, comes through revelation, extraordinary unveiling and seeing like God sees, an internal photograph the eye of spirit to move into the future that God has for you. In the Spirit things can happen quickly, a kairos turning into insight, vision, creativity, the unseen things brought into the seen realm.

Vision gives you a clear path and releases a creativity to conceive the unseen into the seen realm, calling those things that are not as though they were. Without a vision, the people will perish. Vision in the Hebrew is a dream, a revelation or oracle, to behold, to look to prophesy, the act of seeing, to foresee or perceive a mental picture of my future to mold my present

When you get a vision, everything on the outside has to comply with what is seen on the inside. Revelation molds your present and transforms your future. Vision is a dream come true. You are in this world, but not of this world, and not afraid of who you are, to make a difference and solution to those around you.

You are not there to fit in but to take are there to bring the change. You are the kingdom of God brought forth in due season to infect change all around you, to bring forth the great commission. You must show that Christianity is more than just a private belief. We build upon the only foundation, the solid Rock of Jesus Christ. We don't build on doctrines, but on the Rock Himself.

The book of Joshua is a book of transition, of passing from one place to another. You are in the transition of God from one person to another person, from a nomad to a conqueror. To possess to see His manifestation, we have to look at Joshua, NOW AFTER, you can't move into your future until you bring closure to your past. The past dictates more about our present than our future does. To move into your future, you must bring closure to your past.

The gatekeepers are keeping charge over all your stuff until the time of release to you. They are occupying and protecting all your stuff and there will be a time of release. There is a prepared place for a "prepared" people. A stronghold is a mindset that is resistant to change. We are the hardest thing to change. The Lord has to change our

mindsets and paradigms. Something is about to change. He will push us out of old mindsets into the mindset of the future He has for you. He will cause you to possess.

You teach what you know and you transfer what you are. Impartation is what God has done on the inside of you. You cannot impart what you don't have. You can teach what you know, but you can only impart what God has done in you.

The prophetic is the anointed utterances from heaven. We have to bring closure to our past...only we can bring closure to our past, so we can go into our future. Now faith is...To move forward, we must close off the past. How we move in our now, will be determined by what we put away from our past. Woohoo...get ready for your future!

Now After: What we have known as God has now gone up to the mountain, Moses, and he spends time there and then comes back down with the word from God. He does this all the time. He course corrects the children of Israel. Patterns tell us, Moses went up and then he comes back down and He gives destiny and direction. But this time, Moses goes up and the children of Israel are in a transition and they are on Mt. Nebo. What do you do when your life does not work out the way you planned it. How do we move on and move into our future when we are waiting for something to regurn to our life. To wait on God is to aggressively serve God.

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