Summary: Sin weighs you down

Get that monkey off your Back (Heb.12:1)

Intro: Inter the area carrying a stuffed animal monkey on you shoulder act like it gets heavier evert step

The Monkey --little baby monkey--then chimp -the gorilla

Christians are always struggling, one minute they are running on top of the mountain, the wham they are crawling in a deep valley. It seems like they are always stumbling beneath a heavy load, like they have a monkey on their back. What kind of monkeys am I talking about? Those things that cause you to fail in about everything you do those things that hinder your walk with God, those things that will steal your testimony.

Text: 12 We have around us many people whose lives tell us what faith means. So let us run the race that is before us and never give up. We should remove from our lives anything that would get in the way and the sin that so easily holds us back.

Oregon Trail Story

Things that become monkeys in your life

1. The monkey of money

a. Anninias and Saaphria

b. The rich young ruler

c. The rich man

2. The monkey of lust

a. David

b. Judah

c. You- burning desires

3. The monkey listening to the wrong Council

a. Rehoboam

b. Hunan (shaved David’s men’s beards

c. You listen to wrong advice

4. The monkey (fear of service)

a. Jonah

b. Annanias-- Paul

c. You- Afraid of your calling

5. The monkey (fear of loosing something)

a. Jeroboam (fear of loosing his people-two calves-Bethel/Dan

b. Herrod -innocent Children

c. You--what are you afraid of loosing

6. The Monkey - the desire of someone’s things

a. Ahab- Naboth’s Vineyard

b. Achan- riches

c. You-

7. The jealousy monkey

a. Cain

b. Saul

c. You

8. The lazy put it off til later monkey

a. King Agrippa

b. 5 foolish virgins

c. You

9. The pride monkey

a. Satan

b. Absolam

c. You

10. The addiction monkey

a. Drugs/alcohol

b. TV


A/C get that monkey off your back

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