Summary: Like the woman with an issue of blood - just get to Him, he will do the rest

Get there any way you can

I. Song….. You remember the song

Plane – train – automobile

Day night early late

Breakfast – lunch dinner

Anyway – anyhow – anytime

Just get here

II. Previous spins of this text

A. Issues

B. Stepping out of the crowd

C. Touching Jesus

D. The blood of Jesus

III. Synopsis of scripture

IV. Comparing the woman’s situation to what the songwriter was saying.

V. Life application

A. Looking past the immediate circumstance – “Press on to your mark”

B. Looking over the condition – Song pressing on

C. Don’t allow today’s trial deter tomorrows destination – Song Through it all.

D. Learn to lean on God – What a fellowship -----

VI. Celebration

a. Come to Jesus –

b. Surrender

c. Learn to trust and obey

d. Release who you are and receive God’s anointing

e. Jesus came to show us the way

f. Jesus lived among us to teach us the way

g. Jesus was convicted to pave the way

h. Jesus was crucified to restore our way

i. Jesus got up to secure our way

Any way you can

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