Summary: Stand for the truth

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Let us pray


I trust no one has forgotten what happened 26 days ago, and hope we have all learned (refer to 9/11.)

something from that tragic experience..... elaborate.....appeal to the unsaved to trust

the Lord before it is too late.....

Please turn with me in your bibles to 1 Kings 19 verses 1 through 8. Let’s all stand and read together. Please tell someone, Stand for the truth.

Have you ever felt sorry for yourself, and you just don’t know what to do? It seems the

entire world was against you, and you just want to run away and hide. Have you ever felt

that even after doing your best, it seems God has forgotten you, and he is no-where to be

found? Have you ever felt it is time to give it up, throw in the towel and surrender? It is

in these times of help-less-ness; these times of hope-less-ness, that God wants to work on

your behalf. When you are down and it seems you can’t find a way out, God is saying to

you, Get up and go. Stop having that pity party for yourself; stop being sorry for

yourself, and just rely on God for he will make a way out, when there seems to be no


Our topic for today is, Get Up And Go. In our text for today, we find one of the greatest

prophet of God who ever lived being seized by fear because his life was being threatened

by a woman. Elijah had proven God for himself, he had just called down fire from heaven

as he prayed to God, but now we find God’s man being fearful for his life, because a

woman had spoken.

In verse 1 of our text we find the great King Ahab complaining to his wife Jezebel about

what Elijah had done, but in his complaint he did not mention what God had done. (read verse 1) elaborate...

In verse 2 we find Jezebel’s reaction to the complaint of her husband Ahab. (read verse 2

King James and Living Bible). Women can be very powerful in the things they say.

Remember the story of Samson and Delilah, how Delilah enticed Samson to tell her

where his strength lie.......elaborate..

What about Job’s wife who told Job to curse God and die.....elaborate..

In verse 3 of our text we find God’s man running for his life. (read verse 3) As a child of

God, one who is saved and sanctified, filled with the Spirit of God, what would you do if

you knew there was an order out to have you killed? Would you stand around and check

things out, or would you do like Elijah, and run for your life? I want to believe, that most

of us here would run for our life, and pray while we were running. We would take the first

flight out of town; the first bus out of town, or what-ever means available to get out of

town. Most of us would run and ask questions later. Elijah did what a reasonable man

would do, he ran for his life. Elijah had been on the mountain top with God, but here we

find Elijah running for his life. During the famine, Elijah was fed by ravens, but here we

find him running for his life. Elijah prayed and the widow’s son was brought back to life,

but here we find Elijah running for his life.........elaborate...great things had happened

because of Elijah.........

Elijah was afraid, and so he ran for his life. Let’s look at Pro-verbs 29 verse 25. (read)

Let’s turn to Isaiah 51 verse 12 (read) elaborate....

I wonder today if you are here, and you are running for your life? Where are you running

to? Where do you expect to go? Look at verse 4 of our text (read King James and Living Bible) God’s man had come to a place in his life where he could not run any more, and

now he wished to die. Some-times because of cir-cum-stances we might want to die. Lord

I have had enough, I can’t take it any husband is driving me

crazy; my wife is driving me crazy; these kids are too much to handle; I can’t pay

my bills; the church is not helping me; I have no job...............

In those moments of crisis, when it seems there is no way out, God has a way of sending

his angel to minister to our needs. Let’s look at verse 5 and 6 of our text (read)


Let’s turn to Psalm 91 verse 11 (read) Saints you are in good hands........elaborate..... Let’s

turn to Daniel 6 verse 22 (read and explain) Let’s look at Acts 12 verses 5 and 7 (read and explain)

Elijah was exhausted, and so God had to prepare him for the journey ahead. Let’s look at

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